10 Interesting Commedia dell’arte Facts

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Facts about Commedia dell’arte are quite fun to read. It doesn’t only explain what kind of theater it is but also shows many types of scenarios or sketches available. You can read information below as your reference, as well.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 1: The History

It was quite popular during Mannerist period in Italy. However, there has been a tradition of bringing back the historical antecedents in an old style. It’s impossible to recreate such theatrical tradition as the same as its origin, though.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 2: The Compagnie

There were companies or Compagnie. They were groups of actors that come with different role and function. They traveled all over the Europe. The most famous troupes were Accessi, confidenti, and Gelosi.

Commedia dell'arte Images

Commedia dell’arte Images

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 3: The Characters

There were many characters included. For example, there was Castagno. It was the symbol of anti-humanism and distortion. Each character in Commedia represents different mood such as sadness, confusion, mockery, etc.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 4: The Subjects

There were different plot lines written. These included jealousy, sex, old age, and love. Many of the plot elements came from the Roman comedies.

Commedia dell'arte Masks

Commedia dell’arte Masks

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 5:Influence in visual art

The Commedia dell’arte’s iconography represents the whole field of study that has been learned by some scholars such as Molinari, Castagno, Erenstein, and more.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 6:Influence in performance art

It also influenced both ballet and comedy. As the result, there was a better expression range and choreographic qualities.

Commedia dell'arte

Commedia dell’arte

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 7: The Dance and Music

The central to Commedia dell’arte performance is either music or dance. Brighella was shown with a guitar. There were also many dancing figures and singing features included. As a matter of fact, singing and dancing are basic requirements for the performers. Find facts about Samba Music here.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 8: The Transition

In 18th century, the commedia dell’arte increased in terms of popularity. However, it declined due to Carlo Goldoni’s reforms. Later, it changed into realism.

CommeCommedia dell'arte Factsdia dell'arte Facts

Commedia dell’arte Facts

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 9:The Shrunken Popularity

In the 19th century, the commedia dell’arte had become a functionless element in opera. It also became the subject for idealizing scholarship. Get facts about singing here.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 10: SerMaphio’s Troupe

There was a crucial landmark. It was in Padua, Italy. The performers were the troupe of SerMaphio. They called themselves as a fraternal compagnia. They were quite popular back then.

Commedia dell'arte Pictures

Commedia dell’arte Pictures

These facts about Commedia dell’arte are mind-blowing, aren’t they?

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