10 Interesting Greek Drama Facts

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Get the true information about Greek drama facts in the following post below. Ancient Greek drama is still popular until this present day. People all over the world like to study about the drama because the story is fascinating and unique. You can find out comedy and tragedy by seeing the drama script.

Greek Drama Facts 1: Prohedria

Prohedria is a term used to call the privilege people who had the front seating in the Greek theater. The location of the seat is engaging for the people can enjoy the drama directly.  This seating is for the foreign dignitaries, public benefactors and state officials.

Greek Drama Facts 2: Lenaea

Lenaea is the festival of the comic playwright in the ancient Greek time.  Women were allowed to watch the comedy played on stage. It was held in March in the city of Dionysian.

Greek Drama facts

Greek Drama facts

Greek Drama Facts 3: Parabasis

If you study about Greek drama, you have to be familiar with the term used in the drama script. Parabasis is the sung and recited choral passage. It was very long and used to address the spectators in the theater.

Greek Drama Facts 4: Ornithes

Ornithes is one of the famous ancient Greek dramas.  This word means bird. This story has something to do with the title. The main plot is about the hero who became a bird. Then he landed on the city in the sky called ‘Cloudcuckooland’.

Greek Drama Mask

Greek Drama Mask

Greek Drama Facts 5: chorus

In a comedy play, the Greek drama had a chorus. It consisted of 24 people. The chorus will be separated in two groups. The first group was usually against the hero, while the other group supported the hero.

Greek Drama Facts 6: Phallos

Phallos is the imitation of penis used in most Greek comedies.  One person cannot carry it easily because it was very big.

Greek Drama Theatre

Greek Drama Theatre

Greek Drama Facts 7: Old Comedy

The old comedy was performed in ancient Greek around 450 to 380 BC.  The ones who represented the old comedy were  Eupolis, Cratinus, and Aristophanes.

Greek Drama Facts 8: stages of comedy

There are three stages of comedies in Greek drama. Those are the old, middle and new comedy.

Greek Drama Tragedy

Greek Drama Tragedy

Greek Drama Facts 9: female appearance

Just like other ancient dramas, the female characters were performed by male actor disguised in female role.  The actors wore Progastrida around the belly, Prosternida on the chest and padding.

Greek Drama Facts 10: Cothurnus

Cothurnus was the shoes used by the actors.  You look taller when using the shoes.

Greek Drama

Greek Drama

Agamemnon is the play created by Aeschylus. In this tragedy, Agamemnon was killed by his wife Clytemnestra. Do you have any opinion on facts about Greek drama?

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