10 Interesting Samba Music Facts

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Let me show you the interesting Samba Music Facts in the following post below. Samba music is very famous in the world.  It is the Brazilian musical genre originated in Brazil. Samba is also called as a dance style of Brazilian people. The root of this musical style was originated from Africa from the African religious tradition and West African slave trade.  Here are other interesting facts about samba music for you:

Samba Music Facts 1: the musical expression

The musical expression of samba music was derived from the urban Rio de Janeiro.  It was taken from the drumming form.

Samba Music Facts 2: the symbol

Samba music is very important for the people who live in Brazil. It is one of their identities because people always associate samba music with Brazil and Brazilian carnival. There is no need to wonder that samba music is included as the national identity of the Brazilian people.

Facts about Samba Music

Facts about Samba Music

Samba Music Facts 3: the modern samba

In the early 20th century, people experiment with the modern samba rhythm using the 2/4 tempo. The people began to use various kinds of musical instrument such as clarinets, flutes, choros, trombones and trumpets. It was highly influenced by the American orchestras.

Samba Music Facts 4: the traditional samba music

If you check the musical instruments of the traditional samba music, it actually was played by using the string musical instruments such as guitars and cavaquinho. It also mixed with different kinds of percussions.



Samba Music Facts 5: samba in various forms of art

Actually samba is not only used to call the musical style of Brazil. This name was used to call various kinds of dancing styles such as pernada, samba de roda, coco and miudinho.

Samba Music Facts 6: the international influence

Samba is a broad school where this tradition of ballroom samba was very popular in Rio de Janeiro. Since 1930s, the common people often went to Samba de Gafiera parties. This tradition spread in the Cuban, Argentinean, European and African origin. Get facts about Rio de Janeiro here.

Samba Music

Samba Music

Samba Music Facts 7: Samba National Day

On December 2nd, the people celebrate Samba National Day. An Alderman of Salvador, Luis Monteiro da Costa established the date to honor Ary Barroso. At first, it was only celebrated in Salvador. Then it became a national holiday.

Samba Music Facts 8: the common musical instrument of samba music

Some of the musical instruments played in samba include 4-string banjo, Drum kit, Bass guitar, Cavaquinho, Hand-repique, Seven-string guitar, Classical guitar, Pandeiro, Saxophones, Ganza, Agogô, Tarol, Ring-repique and many more. Get facts about medieval music here.

Samba Music Facts

Samba Music Facts

Samba Music Facts 9: Copa 94

Copa 94 was the samba composed for the FIFA World Cup in 1994.

Samba Music Facts 10: a unifier

Samba music and dance are the unifier among the people in Brazil and in the world. It encourages the people to participate without seeing the ethnic or even social group.

Samba Music Brazil

Samba Music Brazil

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