10 Interesting the Cook Islands Facts

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The Cook Islands Facts inform you with an island country which has the total area 92.7 square miles or 240 square km. There are 15 islands in the country.  It is always associated with New Zealand because of the responsibility of New Zealand to hold the foreign affair and defense of Cook Island. However, the country begins to adopt modern independent foreign policy. Here are other facts about Cook Islands for you:

The Cook Islands Facts 1: the languages

The people in Cook Islands speak various languages such as Cook Islands Maori, English and Pukapukan. The New Zealand Maori as well as the Tahitian dialects are the root of the various dialects in Cook Islands languages.

The Cook Islands Facts 2: the music in Cook Islands

The songs sung in Polynesian languages gain a lot of recognition in the country. They are often accompanied by the traditional dancing. The local people also like the Christian songs.

Facts about The Cook Islands

Facts about The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Facts 3: some public holidays

Some public holidays in Cook Islands are ANZAC Day, New Year’s Day, Gospel Day, Boxing Day, Christmas and Easter Sunday.

The Cook Islands Facts 4: woodcarving

The most common form of art in Cook Islands is woodcarving. The carving is often inspired from the cultural and spiritual aspects.

The Cook Islands Facts

The Cook Islands Facts

The Cook Islands Facts 5: weaving

The traditional hats, basketware and mats are produced by weaving. The notable example of weaving object created by the local people is the rito hat. When the women want to reach the church, they often wear it.

The Cook Islands Facts 6: tivaevae

Another important art form in Cook Islands is tivaevae. It is a patchwork quilt which depicts the island scenery. Check facts about Robben Island here.

The Cook Islands Pic

The Cook Islands Pic

The Cook Islands Facts 7: the population

Most people who live in Cook Islands are concentrated in island of Rarotonga. The report in 2011 stated that it was inhabited by 10,572 people.

The Cook Islands Facts 8: the visitors

Cook Islands are very popular among the visitors. In 2010 until 2011, there were 100,000 people who traveled to the islands.

The Cook Islands Image

The Cook Islands Image

The Cook Islands Facts 9: the economy

67.5 percent of the GDP of Cook Islands is supported by tourism. The beaches in Cook Islands are very beautiful and amazing. Thus, people love to visit them.

The Cook Islands Facts 10: the artists

There are various notable local artists in Cook Islands who create different kinds of art. Those include master carver Mike Tavioni, painter Mahiriki Tangaroa, painter Upoko’ina Ian George, sculptor Eruera and many more. Get facts about Cayman Island here.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands

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