10 Interesting Robben Island Facts

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Robben Island Facts tell you about the famous island in Table Bay.  The island was named in Dutch. It means Seal Island. The location of this island is 6.9 kilometer to the west of the coast of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa. If you check out the material in Robben Island, you can find Precambrian metamorphic rocks. They are included in Malmesbury Group. Get more facts about Robben Island below:

Robben Island Facts 1: the shape

Let’s find out the shape of Robben Island. It comes in oval shape. From the north to south, it has the length at 3.3 kilometer. It has the area of 5.07 kilometer square. Due to the ancient erosion event, Robben Island is only few meters above the sea level.

Robben Island Facts 2: prison

Robben Island is famous in the world because the imprisonment of the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and Nobel Laureate in this island. Before the fall of the apartheid, Mandela had to spend 18 years of 27 years in the prison. Get facts about Nelson Mandela here.

Robben Island Image

Robben Island Image

Robben Island Facts 3: Kgalema Motlanthe

Kgalema Motlanthe is another person who was imprisoned in Robben Island. He lived 10 years behind the bar as a political prisoner. Another president of South Africa who served behind the bar was Jacob Zuma. Get facts about apartheid here.

Robben Island Facts 4: the today’s Robben Island

Today, Robben Island is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site and South African National Heritage Site.

Robben Island Mandela

Robben Island Mandela

Robben Island Facts 5: the isolation

Robben Island has been used for many years for the isolation of the political prisoners since the end of 17th century.

Robben Island Facts 6: the Dutch settlers

The first settlers who used Robben Island as the prison were the Dutch. In the mid 17th century, it was used to imprison Harry die Strandloper (Autshumao).

Robben Island Pic

Robben Island Pic

Robben Island Facts 7: the popular destination

In 1999, Robben Island was declared as World Heritage Site. There is no need to wonder that it becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa.

Robben Island Facts 8: how do we get there?

Robben Island is open every day throughout the year. You can reach this island by using ferry from Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. But ensure that the weather is great so that the journey is not interrupted.

Robben Island Prison

Robben Island Prison

Robben Island Facts 9: the guides

If you come to Robben Island, you can find the professional guides here.  Some of them usually are the former prisoners in the island.

Robben Island Facts 10: a museum

Robben Island also has its own museum. It is called Robben Island Museum or RIM. It is used as a living museum or a site.

Robben Island Facts

Robben Island Facts

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