10 Interesting Tajikistan Facts

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Get the interesting information about the country Central Asia on Tajikistan Facts.  This landlocked country is filled with mountainous range. The official name of the country is Republic of Tajikistan. In 2013, the country was occupied by 8 million people.  The area of the country is around 55,300 square miles or 143,100 km square. It is considered as the 96th largest country in the world. Based on the population, it is called as the 98th most populous country. Check other interesting facts about Tajikistan below:

Tajikistan Facts 1: the border

There are several countries which share border with Tajikistan. To the north, you can spot Kyrgyzstan, while to the west, you can spot Uzbekistan. To the south, you can see Afghanistan. To the east, you can find China. It also shares border with Pakistan. Get facts about Taiwan here.

Tajikistan Facts 2: the Tajik People

The Tajin people are native people in the country. Actually the present day Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan were their traditional homelands.



Tajikistan Facts 3: the present territories of Tajikistan

Tajikistan occupies the city of Sarazm. It was an ancient city occupied during the Bronze Age and Neolithic Age.

Tajikistan Facts 4: the kingdoms

In the past, Tajikistan was ruled by various kingdoms. There is no need to wonder that it was a home to various cultures and faiths. The history of Tajikistan is always associated with Manichaeism, Oxus civilization, Buddhism, Andronovo culture, Zoroastrianism and Nestorian Christianity. Find facts about Tahiti here.

Tajikistan Beauty

Tajikistan Beauty

Tajikistan Facts 5: the dynasties and empires

There are various dynasties and empires that you can find in the history of Tajikistan. Those include Samanid Empire, Achaemenid Empire, Timurid dynasty, Hephthalite Empire, Russian Empire, Sassanian Empire, and Mongol Empire.

Tajikistan Facts 6:an independent nation

In 1991, Tajikistan became an independent nation after it split from Soviet Union. In 1992 until 1997, there were a series of civil war occurred in the country. The economy of Tajikistan began to view after the end of the civil war.

Tajikistan Country

Tajikistan Country

Tajikistan Facts 7: the provinces

There are four provinces that you can find in Tajikistan. Most people in the country are the Tajik people. The language is considered as the modern Persian dialect. But some people in the country also communicate using Russian language.

Tajikistan Facts 8: the mountainous country

Tajikistan is considered as a mountainous country.  90 percent of the country is covered by mountain.

Tajikistan Facts

Tajikistan Facts

Tajikistan Facts 9: the economy

The economy of Tajikistan depends on the production of cotton and aluminum.

Tajikistan Facts 10: the road

It has 27,800 km of road which spans along the country. The country has the access to South Asia due to the bridge built between Tajikistan and Afghanistan in 2004.

Tajikistan People

Tajikistan People

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