10 Interesting Finland Facts

Thursday, January 23rd 2014. | Countries

Finland facts are useful for better information to recognize the person. Many of you have already recognized about him right? Therefore, it will be beneficial if you read more about the facts below related to him. Let’s discuss it here.

Finland Facts 1: the fines

The unique fact about Finland is first related to the fines. If you are fined for speeding, you need to pay the amount which is based on your income. The higher income means higher fine that you should fulfill. Perhaps there are no other countries which have the similar policy.

Finland Facts 2: no public payphone

If you visit Finland, you may never find public payphone there. There is still unknown why there is no public payphone in this country.

Finland facts

Finland facts

Finland Facts 3: thousand lakes

People sometimes also call Finland to be the land of thousand lakes. The fact, it has more than 180,000 lakes. People have different reasons to visit the lake. They often conduct swimming, fishing, and others. The lake may become frozen during winter.

Finland Facts 4: ingenuities

Perhaps you don’t really believe this. Finns are considered to be most ingenuities peoples around the world.

Finland facts

Finland facts

Finland Facts 5: land of midnight sun

You can find the fact that Finland is called as land of midnight sun. It is because in June and July, the Sun may not drop below the horizon on the north part of Finland.

Finland Facts 6: polar nights

During winter, you may find out that the Sun may not fully occur on the horizon. The condition is beautiful because the kaamos (earie blue light condition of sky).

Finland Igloo

Finland Igloo

Finland Facts 7: the cents

One and also two cent coin is not used in Finland. The major reason is because the inefficiency in the aspect of producing and also accepting it.

Finland Facts 8:  headlights on

There is a driving law in Finland. You need to turn the headlights on always whether in days or nights. The law had been established ever since 1982.

Finland map

Finland map

Finland Facts 9: saunas

Finland people really love sauna. The statistic says that there are about two million saunas in such country.

Finland Facts 10: ice swimming

What Finland people really love to do as well besides sauna is the ice swimming. Can you imagine that?



Those are facts about Finland. Felix is very brave man in conquering height. He even considered this to be his hobby.

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