10 Interesting Marine Biome Facts

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Marine Biome Facts are interesting to read because you can find out the life of the underwater animal and plants. When you want to know the condition of the ocean, you need to know the creatures there. You can find the smallest into the biggest ones living under water. Let’s find out the real facts about marine biomes here:

Marine Biome Facts 1: five ocean biomes

If you want to study about the marine biome, you need to know the five ocean biomes in the world. Those are the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Oceans, Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean. Each ocean has different features of marine biomes. Read Pacific Ocean facts here.

Marine Biome Facts 2: the oldest one

Many scientists believe that ocean biome is the oldest one from all biomes in the world.  We believe that it is also the biggest one because 71 percent of earth surface is covered by ocean.

Marine Biome Coral

Marine Biome Coral

Marine Biome Facts 3: animals and plants

The abundant animals and plants that you can find on the ocean can be found on the ocean which is hardly visited by human being.

Marine Biome Facts 4: saltwater

The marine biome is totally different with freshwater biome even though both are filled with water. Saltwater creates the ocean; while freshwater creates the firewater biome. The salt of the ocean biome is derived from the rock of land.

Marine Biome Facts

Marine Biome Facts

Marine Biome Facts 5: salt composition

In every gallon of water in the ocean, it contains one cup of salt.

Marine Biome Facts 6: Mariana Trench

Do you know that the deepest ocean biome is located in Mariana Trench? It has the depth at 36,200 feet.

Marine Biome Pic

Marine Biome Pic

Marine Biome Facts 7: temperature

The temperature of marine biome is varied depending on the location. In average, it has the temperature of 39 degree F.  The coldest temperature can be seen in Arctic Ocean for it is filled with ice.

Marine Biome Facts 8: Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is considered as the largest ocean in the world.

Marine Biome Turtle

Marine Biome Turtle

Marine Biome Facts 9: moving ocean

You are wrong if you think that ocean is static. The ocean water is moving. The warm water moves in the tropic, while the cold water moves from the poles.

Marine Biome Facts 10: blue whale

Do you know that the blue whale which is considered as the largest known mammal in the world   lives in the ocean biome?

Marine Biome

Marine Biome

The oceans located in the tropical areas usually are saltier because the evaporation of water made the concentration of salt higher. Do you want to ask questions on facts about Marine Biome?

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