10 Interesting Revolutionary War Facts

Friday, October 11th 2013. | History

Revolutionary war facts are interesting to know. Many people like to read more about the revolutionary war in America because there are many events in the war that people rarely know. We definitely know that students can learn revolutionary war when they are at school. However, the real story sometimes cannot be found easily in many text books. Thus, you can learn more about reading the whole facts about revolutionary war below:

Revolutionary War Facts 1: Standard Of Living

The standard of living in Unites States in 1776 was very high. The people only had to pay the lowest tax than any other countries in the world.

Revolutionary War Facts 2: Boston Tea Parties

You know about the Boston tea party. Actually three were two Boston tea parties. The first on was on Boston Harbor. It occurred on 16 December 1773. The similar action was repeated on 7 March 1774.

Revolutionary War Facts

Revolutionary War Facts

Revolutionary War Facts 3: Declaration of Independence

Do you know the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?  He was Benjamin Franklin. This man is not only a politician and Statesman but also a good inventor. He was well known with his Franklin stove.

Revolutionary War Facts 4: Boston Massacre

The man who defended the British Soldier after the Boston massacre was John Adams.

Revolutionary War, US

Revolutionary War, US

Revolutionary War Facts 5: Submarine Attack

The first submarine attack was occurred in 1776. This action conducted in New York Harbor. The submarine was called as Turtle. The inventor is David Bushnell.

Revolutionary War Facts 6: Benedict Arnold

Can you guess the best general in continental army? He was Benedict Arnold. Many historians stated that without this man probably the American Revolution war not succeeded. The British army had to surrender at Saratoga in 1777. Thanks’ to the leadership of Benedict Arnold.

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Facts 7: Black People

Black people were well known as slaves in United States. It is estimated that 1 in 7 Americans was black in Washington army.

Revolutionary War Facts 8: Woman in Continental Army

Some women made a good contribution to the revolutionary war. They usually served the continental army as a nurses or cook.

Revolutionary Wars

Revolutionary Wars

Revolutionary War Facts 9: George Washington

Many people love George Washington. He is the founding father of America. Based on the American history, this man is considered as the best spymaster.

Revolutionary War Facts 10: American People

The American people fighting for Washington were fewer than British army in 1779.

US War

US War

American revolutionary war can be a great inspiration for the people to increase their nationality. When you go to America, you can visit some museums to find out more about the American revolutionary war. What do you think on facts about American revolutionary war?

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