10 Interesting the Stolen Generation Facts

Thursday, November 17th 2016. | History

The Stolen Generation Facts inform the readers with the removal of the children of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. The acts were established for the removal by the Australian State and Federal Government. The stolen generation is also recognized as the stolen children. The removal took place in 1905 until 1969.  There were some reports, which stated that the removal was also conducted in 1970s. Let us check other useful facts about the Stolen Generation below:

The Stolen Generation Facts 1: the evidence

The existence of the removal of the aboriginal children was seen in some reports and newspaper articles.

The Stolen Generation Facts 2: the motivations

The motivation to remove the children from their families was due to the child protection. There was a belief that the population of the Aboriginal people would decline rapidly after the contact with the white people.

stolen generation apology facts

stolen generation apology facts

The Stolen Generation Facts 3: abuse and neglect

The abuse and neglect were considered as the primary causes of aboriginal children’s removal from the parents based on some opinions of a few historians.

The Stolen Generation Facts 4: the white children

Furthermore, the historians also stated that the white children were removed from their house too. They would be sent into the institutions or even foster care.

stolen generation apology pic

stolen generation apology pic

The Stolen Generation Facts 5: the primary assumption

The assumption that the aboriginal people would be dying off was considered as the primary cause of removing the children from their mothers. The assumption was indicated from the contemporary documents from 19th and 20th century.

The Stolen Generation Facts 6: the population decline

After the contact with the white people, the population of the aboriginal people declined rapidly. The white people assumed that the aboriginal people were at the bridge of extinction. They were afraid with the sustainability of the aboriginal people.

the stolen generation facts

the stolen generation facts

The Stolen Generation Facts 7: Victorian Aboriginal Protection Act 1869

The authority to remove the aboriginal children from their parents was based on the Victorian Aboriginal Protection Act 1869. Find facts about Australian Government here.

The Stolen Generation Facts 8: the other policies and legislation

The other states and territories in Australia also adopted the policy at the end of 19th and 20th century.

apology to australias indigenous peoples

apology to australias indigenous peoples

The Stolen Generation Facts 9: the number of the removed children

There is no exact number for the kids, which had been removed from their aboriginal mother. It was estimated than 100,000 children were removed. Get facts about Australian flags here.

The Stolen Generation Facts 10: the phrase stolen generation

The phrase of the stolen generation was first used by Historian Professor Peter Read.

stolen generation apology

stolen generation apology

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