10 Interesting Rainbow Facts

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Rainbow Facts tell you on how the rainbows forms, types of rainbows and the colors that we can see when a rainbow is formed. Many people think that rainbow is very beautiful. It is often described in painting, novel or even song lyrics. Get more facts about rainbow in the following post below:

Rainbow Facts 1: what is rainbow?

Can you define the word rainbow? Actually it is a multicolored arc. It is created in the sky.

Rainbow Facts 2: how is rainbow formed?

Rainbow is formed because of the refraction and reflection of light of the water droplets on the sky. When the spectrum of light appears, you can see multicolored arc on the sky.

Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Facts 3: semi circle or full circle

If you ask the lay people about the shape of rainbow, most of them will say that it has semi circle form. Actually it has full circle form.  It appears semi circle to us because we see rainbow from the ground.

Rainbow Facts 4: is it an object?

If you think that a rainbow is an object, you are wrong. There is no need to wonder that you will never be able to touch it or even approach it. Get facts about nature here.

Rainbow Facts

Rainbow Facts

Rainbow Facts 5: a different rainbow

The rainbow that you see is different from the rainbow seen by other people.  There are no two persons who can see the same rainbow even though both of them are standing at similar position.

Rainbow Facts 6: how do we see a rainbow?

The rainbow is also associated with rain. But actually the rainbow can be formed from the dew, fog, spray and mist. When there is a water droplet on the atmosphere or air and it is reflected by the light behind at the right angle.  It creates rainbow. Get facts about rain here.

Rainbow Image

Rainbow Image

Rainbow Facts 7: Sir Isaac Newton

The seven colors on the visible spectrum on the white light are identified by Sir Isaac Newton. The seven colors can be seen on the rainbow. Those colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you want to remember these seven colors, you just have to remember the acronym ROY G BIV.

Rainbow Facts 8: red and violet

The red color on the rainbow is seen on the outer edge. In the inner edge, you can see violet color.

Rainbow Pictures

Rainbow Pictures

Rainbow Facts 9: the sky

Look at the sky when the rainbow is formed. The sky outside the arc is less bright if you compare it with the sky inside the primary rainbow.

Rainbow Facts 10: a moonbow

Another term of light colored spectrum is moonbow. Just like its name suggested, this moonbow is created because of the moon.

Facts about Rainbow

Facts about Rainbow

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