10 Interesting Tropical Rainforest Facts

Wednesday, September 18th 2013. | Earth

Tropical rainforest facts present the information about the environmental impact in the world. If you live in tropical areas, you probably are familiar with the tropical rainforest. In post I will give some interesting facts about the plants, animals and temperature of rainforest in the world. Here are the complete facts:

Tropical Rainforest Facts 1: Rain

The tropical rainforest gains its term because of the high level of rainfall each year.

Tropical Rainforest Facts 2: Plants and Animals

The types of animals and plants in the tropical rainforest are myriads. Many scientists believe that there are millions insects and plants which have not discovered by human being.

Tropical Rainforest Animal

Tropical Rainforest Animal

Tropical Rainforest Facts 3: Land or Rainforest

Because of the deforestation each year in some topical countries, the land of rainforest is decreased from time to time. In the past, it covers 14 percent for the planet’s surface. But now it only covers 6 percent.

Tropical Rainforest Facts 4: Medicine

Tropical rainforest contains 25 percent medicines that can be used by human being to stay alive.

Tropical Rainforest Facts

Tropical Rainforest Facts

Tropical Rainforest Facts 5: Animals

The animals living in the tropical rainforest are various and abundant. You can see monkey, frogs, jaguars, insects, birds, snakes, turtles, channeled, lizard, and cougars.

Tropical Rainforest Facts 6: Amazon Rainforest

If you want to know the largest tropical rainforest in the world, you can see amazon rainforest. It is located in various countries in Africa. The Amazon River located inside the forest contains the meat eater fish, piranha. See Amazon River facts here.

Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Facts 7: Types of Rainforest

There are two types of rainforest, tropical and temperate. Both of them are differentiated based on the temperature.

Tropical Rainforest Facts 8: Tropical Rainforest

Tropical rainforest can be found in tropical regions. It is located around 28 degree to the south and north of equator. They can be found in Pacific island, Asia, Central America and Africa.



Tropical Rainforest Facts 9: Temperate Rainforest

The temperate rainforest can lie between in the pole circle and tropics. It comes with temperate zones. You can find them in western countries such as New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Tropical Rainforest Facts 10: Tribes

When you visit a rainforest, you need to meet the tribes who have inhabited the land before. The tribes have no contact with other people. They can be found in Brazil or even central Africa.

Green Tropical Rainforest

Green Tropical Rainforest

Many people sometimes call the rainforest and jungle as the similar word. Actually both are different. Now you need to use the word rainforest when you want to call the forest located in tropical regions such as Asia and Africa. Are you interested to gather more facts about tropical rainforest?

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