10 Interesting Ursa Major Facts

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Ursa Major Facts impress us with the information about the constellation located at the northern celestial hemisphere. The term Ursa Major is often translated into Great Bear. During the second century AD, Ptolemy enlisted it as one of 48 constellations. It is still included as one of the modern 88 constellations. Check other interesting facts about Ursa Major in the following post below:

Ursa Major Facts 1: the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major

Ursa Minor and Ursa Major are different. The latter one means the greater or larger bear. On the other hand, Ursa Minor means the lesser she-bear.

Ursa Major Facts 2: the deep-sky objects

There are many deep-sky objects, which include I Zwicky 18, NGC objects and seven Messier objects housed inside Ursa Major.

Facts about Ursa Major

Facts about Ursa Major

Ursa Major Facts 3: the covered area

The area covered by Ursa Major in the sky is 3.10 percent of the total sky. It is around 1279.66 sq degrees.

Ursa Major Facts 4: the border

Ursa Major shares a border with eight constellations. They are Coma Berenices, Draco, Leo and Leo Minor, Camelopardalis, Boötes, Lynx and Canes Venatici.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Ursa Major Facts 5: the notable asterism

The notable asterism in Ursa Major is the Big Dipper. It contains seven bright stars. In United Kingdom, Plough and Charles’ Wain are the terms used to call the Big Dipper.

Ursa Major Facts 6: the shape of Ursa Major

The Ursa Major is depicted with the shape of an agricultural wagon, plough or ladle. The astronomists often represent the constellation with the shape of a tail and hindquarters of a bear. Get facts about Moon Phases here.

Ursa Major Pic

Ursa Major Pic

Ursa Major Facts 7: the stars in Ursa Majoris

Ursa Major has various stars. The star located at the magnitude of 1.79 is called Dubhe. The magnitude of 2.37 in Ursa Major is occupied by Merak. Phecda or Phad can be found at the magnitude of 2.44.  The intersection of the tail and body of the bear on the sky is called Megrez. The meaning of the word is root of the tail.

Ursa Major Facts 8: Alioth

The brightest star in Ursa Major is Alioth. In the sky, it is called as the 33rd brightest star. Check facts about the Solar Eclipse here.

Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Ursa Major Facts 9: Mizar

The Big Dipper is considered as the fourth brightest star in the Ursa Major.

Ursa Major Facts 10: the pointer stars

The pointer stars in Ursa Major are the Dubhe and Merak.

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