10 Interesting Asteroids Facts

Wednesday, November 13th 2013. | Universe

If you curious about the moving thing on the space, you have to read the explanation about asteroids facts. The asteroid belt on the space can be dangerous if the risk for having collision with earth is bigger. It can make the earth collapse. To find out more about asteroid, see the interesting facts below:

Asteroids Facts 1: what is asteroid?

Some people do not know much about asteroid. It is actually small solar system bodies which orbit the sun. Some scientists suggest that asteroid is the compound of metal rock and organic material. Some people also believe that the basic chemical of life was brought by asteroid on earth.

Asteroids Facts 2: comet

Sometimes people have difficulties to differentiate between asteroid and comet. Both actually are similarity. The main difference is seen on the coma. The comets have fuzzy outline and tail. While asteroid does not have both.



Asteroids Facts 3: size of asteroid

When talking about the size of asteroid, most of them come in huge size. The smallest diameter of asteroid can be in 10 meters. However, the biggest ones can stretch more than hundred kilometers. If you find that the objects are less than 10 m diameter, they are included in the meteoroids.

Asteroids Facts 4: name

Asteroid has different name. Many people call it as minor planet or even planetoid.

Asteroid impact

Asteroid impact

Asteroids Facts 5: Giuseppe Piazzi

Giuseppe Piazzi was the first man who discovered the first asteroid named Ceres in 1810. This Italian astronomer assumed that Ceres has the diameter around 950 kilometers. Ceres now is included as a dwarf planet along with Pluto.

Asteroids Facts 6: dwarf planet

In 2006, Ceres along with Makemake, Haumea, Eris and Pluto are included in the dwarf planets.



Asteroids Facts 7: asteroid belt

Asteroid belt always fascinates people to study more about astronomy. The location of the belt is around the orbits of Jupiter and Mars in our solar system. The size of the asteroids located in the belt is varied.

Asteroids Facts 8: dinosaurs

Many scientists believed that asteroid have something to do with the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. It is estimated that the asteroid impact on earth is the cause of this extinction of the giant living things.

Asteroids and Earth

Asteroids and Earth

Asteroids Facts 9: technology

Today it is easy for the people to discover asteroids on the space. There are many kinds of powerful telescopes that you can buy if you want to scrutinize the asteroids on the space.

Asteroids Facts 10: collision with asteroids

People are afraid with the possibility of earth collided with asteroid. In 1994, the shoemaker level comet which collided with the giant planet Jupiter received a powerful coverage. People begin to think about the colliding of earth with asteroid. That’s why you can find many movies inspired from event. You can see the movies, Armageddon and Deep Impacts.

Asteroids on space

Asteroids on space

Asteroid is a source of metal. The metal located on the asteroid is much bigger than the one from on earth. Do you have any suggestion after reading facts about asteroid?

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