10 Interesting Disney Princess Facts

Monday, December 30th 2013. | Entertainment

If you are a fan of Disney character, you need to read the whole Disney Princess facts. There are many kinds of beautiful Disney princesses that you can find out the Disney story. You will love to see them in real life. Even though they are only fictional character, people love to know the story of Disney princesses from year to year. Here are some facts about Disney princess for you to know:

Disney Princess Facts 1: merchandise

The popularity of Disney princess is unbeatable. You can see many kinds of merchandise are related with the print of Disney princess. You can find the print on the towel, pillows sham, curtain, stationery, bag sofa print and bedding.

Disney Princess Facts 2: Pocahontas

One of Exotic Disney princesses is Pocahontas. The movie is very inspiring and romantic. Many people estimate that the age for Pocahontas depicted in the movie was 17 years even though the movie did not state any age of hers.

Disney Princess facts

Disney Princess facts

Disney Princess Facts 3: Rapunzel

When we talk about Rapunzel, you always link it with the long hair. The hair for this Disney princess is estimated around 70 feet.

Disney Princess Facts 4: The Princess and the Frog

There are many kinds of tributes to the preceded films that you can find on the Princess and The Frog. You can see King Triton from the story of the Little Mermaid on the Mardi Gras parade. The lamp of Aladdin floats Mama Doei and many more scenes.

Disney Princess

Disney Princess

Disney Princess Facts 5: Cinderella

The most well known Disney princess is Cinderella. This movie costs a lot but it was a big hit. People still remember the story until today.

Disney Princess Facts 6: Evangeline

Evangeline is the name that the Ray calls in the Princess and the frog. This name actually was derived from the name of Planet venues. In roman culture, it is the goddess of love.

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses

Disney Princess Facts 7: Aladdin

Aladdin is another famous story by Disney. The first scene in the movie was unscripted. We know that Robin William was a very good actor with unscripted dialogue.

Disney Princess Facts 8: In Sleeping Beauty

The dragon sound effect on the movie, Sleeping Beauty was created by using a flame thrower. The snapping jaw sound of the dragon was produced from the castanets.



Disney Princess Facts 9: Sebastian the Crab

Sebastian the Crab is one of the most important characters in the Little Mermaid. The full name of this man is Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustatious Sebastian.

Disney Princess Facts 10: Dopey

Dopey is a character that you can find in Snow White. At first, this character has a voice. The crews make him muted since they cannot find the right voice for him.

merida princess

merida princess

All Disney princesses such as Jasmine, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Esmeralda, Merida, Ariel and many more own good virtues which can make people learn the moral values. Do you have any opinion on facts about Disney Princess?

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