10 Interesting Clown Facts

Tuesday, December 10th 2013. | Entertainment

Clown facts are the numbers of information relate to clown. People usually recognize clown as the entertainment. They don’t know about other information I believe. Let’s discuss about the facts here. Just read more.

Clown Facts 1: the phobia

The purpose of clown is to make people fun or smiled. Yet, there are people who are afraid to the clown. It is called Coulrophobia. It is the irrational fear against cloud actually. The reason remains unknown of the fear.

Clown Facts 2: adult’s Coulrophobia

Usually, the phobia occurs in children. Yet, you will find out that adults also suffer the same problem. There is estimation about adults suffering from such phobia. It is about 2% of all adults.

bad Clown

bad Clown

Clown Facts 3: earliest clown

In finding out facts about clown, you need first to notice about the history. It was around 2400 BC the first clowns occurred. Clowns also have found as the painter of Great Wall of China in the era of Qin Shih Huang emperor.

Clown Facts 4: source of fear

Any kids who fear of clowns have their reason. It is because clowns have abnormal size of human parts including big nose, feet, and others. Perhaps it may disturb in how children learning about human body. Therefore, clowns are rarely seen nowadays.

Clown Cute

Clown Cute

Clown Facts 5: clownish figures

There are some popular American cinemas having clownish figures. The most famous ones are Buster Keaton and also Charlie Chaplin. You can review about their contribution from any different source actually.

Clown Facts 6: Ronald Mcdonald

Mcdonald has a famous figure such as Ronald. This clown has occurred since the year 1963. Recently, he is the most popular clown in the world. Perhaps he is the only clown which is not scary.

Clown facts

Clown facts

Clown Facts 7: Joseph Grimaldi

There is Joseph Grimaldi who becomes the inspiration of modern clown. Who is he? He is a player of pantomime in stage of Regency London. Dickens even has taken him to be part of his work in 1834. It is The Pickwick Papers.

Clown Facts 8:  modern clown institution

If you are interested about becoming a clown, you can join Clown College. The name of the college is Ringling Bros. The institution is managed by Bailey Circus and also Barnum. People call it as clowning school as well. Even today you can get internet clown instruction.

Clown for kids

Clown for kids

Clown Facts 9: potential career

People often underestimate clown career. In fact, it may earn a year about $38,000. If it is the Rodeo clowns, you can earn at least $50,000 a year.

Clown Facts 10: Johnny Depp

There is a famous person who is afraid of clown. It is Jognny Depp. He considers clown as real evil potential.

Clown Ugly

Clown Ugly

After reading facts about Clown, you have understood about how clown can become both funny and terrifying for some people right?

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