10 Interesting the Bassoon Facts

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Check The Bassoon Facts in the following post below.  In 19th century, this woodwind instrument appeared in the modern form. The musicians use the bassoon in various musical types such as the chamber music literature, concert band and orchestral music.  The bassoon is a special instrument because its agility, unique character, wide range and tone color. Here are some interesting facts about the bassoon:

The Bassoon Facts 1: the musicians who play bassoon

The term bassoonist is used to call the musicians who play the bassoon.  The characters of bassoon are often compared to the male baritone voice because of its reedy, dark and warm timbre.

The Bassoon Facts 2: the famous bassoonists

The famous bassoonists in the world include Ludwig Milde, Hugo Fox, Archie Camden, Sol Schoenbach, Klaus Thunemann, Willard Elliott, Arthur Weisberg, Karen Borca, Peter Schickele, Karen Geoghegan, Bill Douglas and many more.

the Bassoon facts

the Bassoon facts

The Bassoon Facts 3: rock band

It is very rare to see bassoon used in a rock band. However, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles included bassoon in “The Tears of a Clown”. Charles R. Sirard was the bassoonist at that time. Find facts about Indian music here.

The Bassoon Facts 4: Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper played bassoon in 1974 until 1978. Another musician who played this musical instrument was Brian Gulland.

Bassoon Facts

Bassoon Facts

The Bassoon Facts 5: bassoon in 1990s

Marilyn Manson’s metal band also featured bassoon in 1990s.  The bassoon music was played by Madonna Wayne Gacy.

The Bassoon Facts 6: Kanye West

It seems that bassoon is a flexible musical instrument that can be used in various musical genres such as rock, alternative metal or even hip hop. There was an unnamed song that Kanye West informed to the fans in the beginning 2011 in his Twitter account. This hip hop star stated that he would add bassoon in the song. Get facts about Metallica here.

Bassoon Pic

Bassoon Pic

The Bassoon Facts 7: the challenge

It is a big challenge for the people to learn bassoon. The main problem lies on the reeds as well as the complicated fingering.

The Bassoon Facts 8: the price

The price of a high quality bassoon is very expensive. You have to prepare around $8,000 up to $25,000 to get a high quality one.



The Bassoon Facts 9: the school children

When the school children have taken the reed instrument like saxophone or clarinet, they begin to learn bassoon.

The Bassoon Facts 10: learning the instrument

When learning the instrument, the students will learn tone production, hand position, proper posture and reed making.



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