10 Interesting Firework Facts

Saturday, January 25th 2014. | Entertainment

Firework facts are common to discuss recently. In the New Year’s Eve, people love to watch fireworks. Yet, there are many facts which you don’t know about it the most. Therefore I want to discuss about it here. So, let’s start below about the facts.

Firework Facts 1: the sparklers

It is no doubt that fireworks may always relate to sparkles. What you need to know about the sparkles is that it has the heat which is five times hotter than cooking oil. It is the reason why people may suffer the most if they get burn from the sparklers.

Firework Facts 2: the speed

Firework also may always relate to the speed of the rocket. There are only few people who know the speed of such rocket. It is about 150 mph.

Firework Colors

Firework Colors

Firework Facts 3: the height

The shell of a firework can reach the height up to 200 meters. It can be considered that the higher the firework is the better the quality of the appearance is.

Firework Facts 4: blowtorch

It is known that sparkles are very hot. Even if you combine three sparklers, you can obtain the same heat as the blowtorch.

Firework facts

Firework facts

Firework Facts 5: explosion first

People who enjoy fireworks may see the explosion first before the sound. It is because the light travels at 671 million mph while sound only travel at 761 mph.

Firework Facts 6: injuries

The risk in suffering from injuries mostly occurs in private or family parties. If it is official, you may recognize that the injuries are rarely happen.

Firework Pic

Firework Pic

Firework Facts 7: the children

The injuries caused by fireworks commonly occur on children below the age of 17. Perhaps the reason is because of the carelessness. Any children tend to be careless in conducting firework parties.

Firework Facts 8:  common injuries

People need to find out about common injuries occurred including eyes, face, and also the hands. There are also reported people who died because of fireworks.



Firework Facts 9: safety standards

Recently, fireworks are safer if it compared to the past. For any of you who want to conduct fireworks, you need to follow the British Standard 7114. At least, you gain European equivalent standard of safety.

Firework Facts 10: China

It is almost 90% of fireworks originate from China.



Reading facts about Firework is beneficial. Fireworks are common to make any events merrier. So, are you interested to set up for fireworks?

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