10 Interesting Squirrel Facts

Thursday, July 25th 2013. | Animals

If you want to learn about the jumping and fast animal, look at the squirrel facts. This animal can jump with a leap up to 20 feet. The lapping is aided by the muscular and long legs. The double jointed feature is seen on the hind legs. It enables them to run up and down along the twigs and branches of trees. Here are the complete facts about squirrel:

Squirrel Facts 1: Mating Season

Squirrel has the mating season from February to May.  The smell of female squirrel can be perceived by the male squirrel in the distance a mile away. The female squirrel will give birth to 2 up or 4 baby squirrel.  The gestation period for this animal lasts for 44 days.

Squirrel Facts 2: Toes

The number of toes of squirrels is different. The front feet have four toes, while the back one has five toes. The sharp toes are located on the front feet.  They can be used to shatter the bark and twigs of tree.

Squirrel Facts

Squirrel Facts

Squirrel Facts 3: Eastern Gray Squirrel

The Eastern gray squirrels can be seen living in various places. Some of them include the eastern US, South Africa, Great Britain, and Ireland. Most of them are located on the western states. To get the info about the sea animal, read sea turtle facts.

Squirrel Facts 4: Habitat

Almost all types of squirrels live in all continents in the world, but you will never find the animals living in Australia and Antarctica.

Squirrel on a Branch

Squirrel on a Branch

Squirrel Facts 5: Species

There are 365 species of squirrel around in the world. This animal is included in the order of Rodent. The most powerful animal is explained on orca whale facts.

Squirrel Facts 6: Hibernating Artic Ground Squirrel

The only warm blooded mammal which can stand with the lowest temperature below freezing is the hibernating artic ground squirrel.



Squirrel Facts 7: Eyes

The eyes of squirrels are totally unique. The animals can position their eyes to view the object behind their body.

Squirrel Facts 8: Teeth

Unlike the human being who loses their teeth when they get old, squirrel’s teeth will never stop to grow.

East Gray Squirrel

East Gray Squirrel

Squirrel Facts 9: Falling Up Squirrels

Some squirrel will never hurt themselves when they fall up from the height of 100 feet. It is due to the fact that the animal has a tail which can function as a parachute.

Squirrel Facts 10: Gray squirrel

One of the well-known squirrels is gray squirrel. This animal is called as a living fossil. Many experts find that the gray animal has changed much from the last 37 million years.

Cute Squirrel

Cute Squirrel

Each week this animal will eat 15 pounds of food. It is equivalent it the weight of squirrel. The mating time will occur twice a year. When you like to call their nest, use the word dreys. How do you learn on facts about squirrels?

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