10 Interesting Swordfish Facts

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If you want to know the predatory fish in the world, you need to check Swordfish Facts. The scientific name of this fish is Xiphias gladius. This swordfish is migratory. It has flat and long bill. When swordfish reaches its adulthood, the fish loses all teeth. The body is round and elongated.  It is included in the family of Xiphiidae. It is the sole member of the family. Get more facts about swordfish below:

Swordfish Facts 1: the habitat

Swordfish can be found living in various parts of the world.  They like living in temperate and tropical bodies of water. You can spot them in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans.  You can find them at the depth of 1,800 feet or 550 meter.

Swordfish Facts 2: the body length of swordfish

Swordfish can have the body length at 9.8 feet or 3 meter.  It is reported that the biggest one reaches the weight at 1,430 lb or 650 kilogram, while the length reaches 14.9 feet or 4.55 meter.

Swordfish Facts

Swordfish Facts

Swordfish Facts 3: the name

The name of this fish is taken from the Latin word gladius. It means sword. The sword like bill makes this fish earn the name swordfish.

Swordfish Facts 4: the record of swordfish

In 1953, people found out a specimen of swordfish in Chile. It has the weight at 536 kilogram or 1,182 lb.

Swordfish Pic

Swordfish Pic

Swordfish Facts 5: the male and female swordfish

The male swordfish has smaller body than the female swordfish.  The northwest Atlantic and Mediterranean swordfish has smaller size compared to the Pacific swordfish.

Swordfish Facts 6: the maturity and life span

The life span for a swordfish can reach 9 years old. It reaches the maturity at 4 or 5 years.

Swordfish Picture

Swordfish Picture

Swordfish Facts 7: the oldest swordfish

The oldest swordfish ever found was at the age of 12 years old and 16 years old. The people can determine the age of the swordfish by checking at their annual rings located at the fin rays. Check cuttlefish facts here.

Swordfish Facts 8: the special organs

Swordfish is a unique animal because it has special organs located near the eyes. The function of the organs is to heat the brain and eyes.  The eyes should be heated to increase the function and to spot and catch the prey.



Swordfish Facts 9: other fish which can covert heat

Besides swordfish, there are several other fish which can covert heat like sharks, tuna and marlin.

Swordfish Facts 10: how to catch the prey

The swordfish will be able to catch the prey due to the amazing agility and speed. There is no need to wonder that it is included as one of the fastest fish in the world. Get facts about goldfish here.

Facts about Swordfish

Facts about Swordfish

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