10 Interesting Queensland Facts

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Let me show you the state of Australia in Queensland Facts. The people who live in Queensland are often called as a Banana Benders. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that they have the large banana plantation in the country. The history states that Queensland was inhabited by aboriginal people. Then it was settled by the European people. Here are some interesting facts about Queensland for you:

Queensland Facts 1: the name

The name of the state was taken to honor the famous Queen Victoria. In 1859, Queensland was called as state and it was separated from New South Wales. The queen signed the proclamation.

Queensland Facts 2: wonderful view

If you decide to visit Australia, don’t forget to come to Queensland. You can enjoy the beautiful national park, gorgeous reef, sunny beaches and many more. One of the most popular surfing destinations is located in Gold Coast. You can also come to Great Barrier Reef.

Queensland Facts

Queensland Facts

Queensland Facts 3: Sunshine State

Queensland is nicknamed as Sunshine State. Each year, the people can enjoy 300 days of sunshine. You can do sunbathing here.

Queensland Facts 4: location, area and capital

The capital of Queensland is Brisbane. It spans on the area of 1,852,642 km2. It is located in the northeastern park of Australia.

Queensland Map

Queensland Map

Queensland Facts 5: the official language and population

The people use the Australian English as their official language. It is inhabited by 4,537,700 people. Check out Australian facts here.

Queensland Facts 6: River City

River City is the nickname for Brisbane. This capital city gets its name due to the serpentine of Brisbane River which flows inside the city.

Queensland Underwater

Queensland Underwater

Queensland Facts 7: Q1

Q1 is the tallest building in Australia. It is located on Gold Coast. Once, Q1 was called as the tallest residential tower in the world. But the record was surpassed by The Mariana Torch in Dubai.

Queensland Facts 8: The statue of Wally Lewis

If you visit Suncorp Stadium, don’t forget to look at the statue of Wally Lewis.  The Rugby league lovers love to see it.



Queensland Facts 9: Dinosaur track

If you like to gather information about the prehistoric animal, you need to visit the area near Winton.  You can enjoy the best collection of dinosaur tracks here.

Queensland Facts 10: World Heritage

There are five places included in World Heritage sites. Those include Great Barrier Reef, Australian Fossil Mammal Sites at Riversleigh in the Gulf Country, Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Wet Tropics of Queensland, and Fraser Island. Get facts about Great Barrier Reef here.

Queensland Beach

Queensland Beach

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