10 Interesting South Korea Facts

Thursday, May 29th 2014. | Countries

One of the most powerful countries in Asia is explained in South Korea facts. The growth of economy in South Korea is high today. People always associate South Korea with the K pop industry. Many celebs from Korea are widely known in the world. You can see Girls’ Generation, Super Junior or even PSY. Read the whole facts about South Korea below:

South Korea Facts 1: area

South Korea spans on the 99,720 square kilometer area or 38,502 square miles. It is located on the southern half of the Korean peninsula. The country is bordered with The Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan. In the ceasefire line, it is bordered by North Korea.

South Korea Facts 2: a ceasefire line

A ceasefire line was created between the South and North Korea at the end of the 1953 Korean War. Both countries still have a cold tension until this present day.

South Korea Country

South Korea Country

South Korea Facts 3: domination

In the past, both North Korea and South Korean was one. They were dominated by Japan and China until the end of WW II. Read World War 2 facts here.

South Korea Facts 4: Seoul

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. You can find anything here for it is one of the largest cities in the country.  It is a home to more than 10 million people. Based on the report in 2009, South Korea was inhabited by 48,508,972 people.

South Korea Facts

South Korea Facts

South Korea Facts 5: Korean

Every day, people use Korean language as their mother tongue. But many people speak Japanese. Many schools teach the students with English too.

South Korea Facts 6: Chinese

Many people cannot differentiate between Korean and Chinese people. There are only 0.1 percent Chinese people living in South Korea. The 99.9 percent population is composed from Korean people.

South Korea People

South Korea People

South Korea Facts 7: religion

The most popular religions embraced by the people in South Korea are Buddhism and Christianity. But many people in South Korea do not have any religion.

South Korea Facts 8: Jeju Island

One of the most interesting recreational places in South Korea is Jeju Island. Every year, it is visited by the foreign tourists. Many K dramas are shot here.

South Korea Recreation

South Korea Recreation

South Korea Facts 9: legal drinking

The people who love to drink in public can go to South Korea. It is a legal act for the people to drink in public. You can carry an alcoholic container and drink it in public space.

South Korea Facts 10: shopping

Most people in Korea like shopping. There is no need to wonder that some of the largest malls in the world are located in South Korea.

South Korea Skyline

South Korea Skyline

There are many cafes, restaurants and bars open until 4 am for the people who love to hang out. Do you have any opinion on facts about South Korea?

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