10 Interesting France Facts

Wednesday, January 29th 2014. | Countries

France facts are important for people who want to recognize better about this country. There are many things which are related to France. I want to discuss about the facts here. Learning the facts can help you understand better about the country.

France Facts 1: wine

Any people love to enjoy wine. Yet, do you recognize that wine has been made in France even since the Roman Empire?

France Facts 2: French cuisine

You may recognize that French cuisine may always become one of the best cuisines all over the world. In fact, any people all over the world really love to eat French cuisine. There are approximately 2 cooking books published every day in French.

France at Night

France at Night

France Facts 3: castles

If it is about France, the fact is that there are many palaces, manors, and castles there. Approximately, there are 40,000 castles which people can find in France.

France Facts 4: cheese

France is also famous of the cheese. There are more than 300 different types of cheese produced in France. It means any cheese lovers can fulfill their appetite here.

France Effiel Tower

France Effiel Tower

France Facts 5: Eiffel tower

One of the most popular buildings in France is Eiffel tower. It has the height of 300 meters and also becomes the center of tourist attraction.

France Facts 6: the state establishment

You need to know about the state establishment of French. It was in 843 by breaking up the Carolingian empire.

France Facts

France Facts

France Facts 7: the largest in Western Europe

France actually is the largest nation in Western Europe. It has 7 mountains and also 5 major rivers. People can do many things in this country actually.

France Facts 8:  national anthem

There is national anthem of France called la Marseillaise. There is history behind it. It was first sang by the soldiers of Marseille who were marching to Paris.

France Paris

France Paris

France Facts 9: liberty statue

The fact, liberty statue was made in France. Later, it was given to U.S in the year 1886.

France Facts 10: 3 presidents in last 32 years

There are only 3 presidents in the last 32 years. They are Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, and also Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

France Vacation

France Vacation

I really hope that it can be your additional knowledge to learn better about the country. What do you think on facts about France?

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