10 Interesting Grenada Facts

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Find out the interesting Grenada facts in the following post below. Grenada is now an independent country.  Even though this small country is not really famous, you need to know about the fascinating features of this country.   There are many European people living here.  Here are the facts about Grenada:

Grenada Facts 1: top cities in Grenada

There are some cities in Grenada which have high population. The first one is Stain George. It is inhabited by 7,500 people. The second populous city is Gouyanve with 3,378 people. The third one is Grenville. It has the population of 2,476 people.

Grenada Facts 2: ethnic group

Most people living here are the black people. They occupy 82 percent of the whole population in Grenada. 13 percent of the people in Grenada are mixed black and European people.

Grenada Coast

Grenada Coast

Grenada Facts 3: Grenada imports

There are many Grenada imported food. Some of them include chemicals, manufactured goods and machinery

Grenada Facts 4: Grenada exports

Grenada relays their economy by exploring some goods to other countries. Some of them include mace, nutmeg, fruits, vegetables, bananas, cocoa and clothing.

Grenada Map

Grenada Map

Grenada Facts 5: Parliament

The parliament system in Grenada is bicameral parliament.   It has 13 seats. The three seats are picked by the leader of the opposition and 10 members by the government.

Grenada Facts 6: the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives consists of 15 seats. The people on the house of representative will serve for five years in the office. All of them are picked based on the vote on the election.



Grenada Facts 7: parishes

There are six parishes in Grenada. Those include Saint Patrick, Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint Mark, Saint David, and Saint John.

Grenada Facts 8: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus has something to do with Grenade.  He discovered the island of Grenada in 1498. Then the Carib Indian people settled on Grenada.

Grenada Pic

Grenada Pic

Grenada Facts 9: French people

Around 17th century, the French people lived in Grenada.  There were many African people imported to Europe by The French people as slaves. They also established the sugar estate company here.

Grenada Facts 10: Britain

In 1762, Britain had the power on the island. The sugar production in Grenada was expanded. But the sugar production was defeated by nutmeg and cacao.

Grenada facts

Grenada facts

The highest point of Grenada is located on the Mount Saint Catherine. It has the elevation of 840 meter above the sea level. Are you fascinated with facts about Grenada?

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