10 Interesting Gambia Facts

Thursday, February 6th 2014. | Countries

Find out Gambia facts if you want to know the smallest country in African continent. Even though Africa is less popular than the European continent, people love to visit the continent in here for it can carry the exotic and natural view. The animals, plants and scenic view are totally different with the ones found in Europe. Let me give you the interesting information about Gambia in the following post below:

Gambia Facts 1: name

People always simply call the smallest country in Africa as Gambia. Actually it has a longer official name of the Republic of the Gambia.

Gambia Facts 2: Banjul

The Independence Day of Gambia was on 18th February 1965. The country got it from UK. Then it joined the commonwealth after gaining the independence. The capital city of Gambia is called Banjul.

Gambia Beach

Gambia Beach

Gambia Facts 3: weather

The African continent is always defined with hot climate. It is true since most weathers that you can feel in Gambia are tropical. You can see some areas are dry while others are in rainy season.

Gambia Facts 4: tropical climate

As I have stated before the climate in Gambia is tropical climate. You can see from June to November, it has the hot rainy season. From November to May, enjoy the dry and cool season.

Gambia Facts

Gambia Facts

Gambia Facts 5: the people in Gambia

Most of the inhabitants in Gambia are the African people. However, they come from different ethnic group. You can see the group of Fula, Jola, Wolof, Serahuli, Mandinka and many more.

Gambia Facts 6: money

If you decide to visit Gambia, ensure that you have exchange your cash with the local money. The official currency in the country is dalasi.

Gambia People

Gambia People

Gambia Facts 7: literacy rate

Education is very important not only in Gambia but also in other states in the world.  This country has the literacy rate of 40 percent.

Gambia Facts 8: export

There are several products of Gambia exported to other countries in the world. Some of them include cotton lint, fish, peanuts, and palm kernels.

Gambia Tourism

Gambia Tourism

Gambia Facts 9: import

Since Gambia is a small country, sometimes it cannot generate some products needed by all people. They have to import the transport equipment, machinery, fuel, foodstuff and manufacturers.

Gambia Facts 10: religion

Most people living in Gambia are Muslim. The Christian in the country only makes up 9 percent. Only 1 percent embraces the indigenous belief.



The trading partners of Gambia include Italy, UK, India, China, Brazil, Cote d’lvoire, France and Netherland. Are you inspired with facts about Gambia?

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