10 Interesting Taiwan Facts

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The sovereign state in East Asia is explained on Taiwan Facts. The island of Taiwan now is governed by Republic of China. 99 percent of the area is located in the island of Taiwan. Other islands included in the state are Matsu, Kinmen and Penghu. It is considered as the Free Area of Republic of China for it is not ruled by the communist. Check other interesting facts about Taiwan below:

Taiwan Facts 1: the density

Let’s find out the population of Taiwan.  Based on the report in July 2015, it has the population density at 648 people per km square. Therefore, it is included as one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Taiwan Facts 2: the neighboring states

Can you mention the neighboring states around Taiwan? You can spot Japan to the east and northeast. PRC or People’s Republic of China is located to the west of Taiwan. To the south, you can view Philippines.

Taiwan Pictures

Taiwan Pictures

Taiwan Facts 3: the central government

The central government of Taiwan is located in Taipei. The largest metropolitan areas in Taiwan are Keelung, New Taipei and Taipei.

Taiwan Facts 4: the early inhabitants

Taiwanese aborigines occupied the island of Taiwan until the arrival of Dutch and Spanish people in 17th century. It was during the age of Discovery. The former name of the island was Formosa. The immigration of the Han Chinese also began at that time.

Taiwan Facts

Taiwan Facts

Taiwan Facts 5: the economic growth

The economic growth of Taiwan was extensive during the latter half of 20th century. Now people recognize the country due the great industrialization. The high tech industry in the country plays an important role in the economy of the country.

Taiwan Facts 6: the international organizations

Taiwan is a member of APEC and WTO. Due to the high economy, it is included as one of Four Asian Tigers.

Taiwan Image

Taiwan Image

Taiwan Facts 7: the literacy rate

Taiwan has great literacy rate. It is 97.15 percent as of 2013.

Taiwan Facts 8: the population

The people who inhabit Taiwan are around 23.4 million individuals. The high concentration of the people is located on the island proper. Matsu is inhabited by 12,506 people, while Kinmen has 127,723 people. Penghu has 101,758 people. Find facts about Sweden here.

Taiwan Pic

Taiwan Pic

Taiwan Facts 9: the Han Chinese people

The Han Chinese people account more than 95 percent of the population in Taiwan. There are around 533,600 indigenous Taiwanese aborigines living in the country. Get facts about Switzerland here.

Taiwan Facts 10: the temples

If you are in Taiwan, you can spot a lot of temples. There were 14,933 temples in the country as of 2009.



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