10 Interesting Switzerland Facts

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One of the notable countries in Europe is explained on Switzerland Facts. The official name of the country is Swiss Confederation. There are 26 cantons in the federal directional republic of modern Switzerland. The federal authorities have their seats located in Bern. If you want to know more about Switzerland, check the below post:

Switzerland Facts 1: the borders

There are several countries which share borders with Switzerland. To the north, you can spot Germany while to the south, you can view Italy. France is located to the west while Austria is located to the east. Find facts about Slovakia here.

Switzerland Facts 2: the area of Switzerland

Switzerland has the around 15,940 square miles or 41,285 km square. The geographical location of Switzerland is located between the Jura, Swiss Plateau and Alps. It is considered as the landlocked country.

Switzerland Beauty

Switzerland Beauty

Switzerland Facts 3: the population

There are around 8 million people who live in Switzerland. The plateau has large concentration of people. Get facts about Solomon Island here.

Switzerland Facts 4: the important cities in Switzerland

There are two major important cities in Switzerland. Both are Geneva and Zurich. The cultural, economic and political center is located there.

Switzerland Facts

Switzerland Facts

Switzerland Facts 5: Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day is celebrated by the local people in the country on August 1st.  The day was taken from the date of the Swiss Confederation. It was held on August 1st, 1291.

Switzerland Facts 6: the neutrality

People always recognize Switzerland due to its neutrality. It has been a member of United Nations since 2002. Even though the country tries to stay neutral, Switzerland is very active to build peace in the world.

Switzerland Picture

Switzerland Picture

Switzerland Facts 7: the international organizations

There are various organizations located in Switzerland. It houses the second largest United Nations office in the world. Red Cross is established in the country.

Switzerland Facts 8: the cultural and linguistic regions

You can find at least four cultural influences in Switzerland for the country is located in the intersection of Romance Europe and Germanic Europe.  You can find the Romansh, Italian, French and German culture.

Switzerland Pic

Switzerland Pic

Switzerland Facts 9: the national performance

The national performance of the Switzerland is well appraised in the world due to the great quality of life, civil liberties, government transparency, human development and economic competitiveness.

Switzerland Facts 10: the important events

Some of the important events in Switzerland include Locarno International Film Festival, Jazz Festival and Paléo Festival.



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