10 Interesting Puerto Rico Facts

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Puerto Rico Facts tell you about one of the interesting places to visit in United States.  You can enjoy a great summer vacation in Puerto Rico for it has beautiful and amazing beaches. You do not have to go to the far away tropical countries. Just enjoy Puerto Rico and you can feel the tropical paradise here. Get facts about Puerto Rico below:

Puerto Rico Facts 1: leave your passport at home

You do not have to bring the passport since Puerto Rico is included in United States territory. But you should never forget to bring the valid ID card.

Puerto Rico Facts 2: U.S. Dollar currency

The currency in Puerto Rico is US Dollar. You can buy anything you want to here. Purchasing cute local accessories and sunscreen will be easier to do.

Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico Facts 3: the drinking age

If you are 18 years old, you will be allowed to drink in Puerto Rico. It is a good place for your college daughter or son since they can enjoy a good family vacation here.

Puerto Rico Facts 4: the perfect time for visiting Puerto Rico

You can visit Puerto Rico with your family or friends anytime you want.  The temperature in Puerto Rico is around 70 to 80 degree all year round.

Puerto Rico Beauty

Puerto Rico Beauty

Puerto Rico Facts 5: islands

You can explore a lot of interesting islands in Puerto Rico. You can create a wonderful adventure time here. Actually Puerto Rico is an archipelago. It means that it contains a lot of islands. Find out another interesting place in Murcia facts.

Puerto Rico Facts 6: Miss Universe

It seems that the girls who come from Puerto Rico are very beautiful. Do you know that there are five Miss Universe who come from PR?

Puerto Rico Facts

Puerto Rico Facts

Puerto Rico Facts 7: activities in Puerto Rico

There are many kinds of activities that you can do in Puerto Rico.  It gives you the best swimming, diving, snorkeling and surfing experience.

Puerto Rico Facts 8: beaches

The beaches on Puerto Rico are magnificent. You can go to Ballenas Bay if you want to spot the sea turtles. Snorkeling will be great to do in Playa Shacks. If you want to surf or walk around the beach do it at Punta Las Marias. Get more facts about Maldives for another alternative for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Facts 9: Arecibo Observatory

Arecibo Observatory is the home to the largest telescope in the world.

Puerto Rico Facts 10: food

Having a vacation in Puerto Rico will never break the bank account. You can eat anything you want as low as $3.

Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico Beaches

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