10 Interesting Sri Lanka Facts

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Find out the interesting information about an island located in South Asia in Sri Lanka Facts. The official name of this country is Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The country shares the maritime border with Maldives to the southwest and India to the northwest. The pre historic settlement in Sri Lanka has been dated back around 125,000 years ago, while the history of this region was defined 3,000 years ago. Let’s check more interesting facts about Sri Lanka below:

Sri Lanka Facts 1: the importance of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has great importance in some events. During the World War II and ancient Silk Road, people accessed it because of the harbors and strategic geographic location.

Sri Lanka Facts 2: the people in Sri Lanka

You can find various people living in Sri Lanka. Those include Sinhalese, Malays, Burghers, Moors, Tamils, aboriginal Vedda, and Kaffirs. There is no need to wonder that the country has different ethnic groups, religions and languages.

Facts about Sri Lanka

Facts about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Facts 3: Buddhism

If you are in Sri Lanka, you can find a lot of Buddhist heritage. The Pali Canon is considered as the first known Buddhist writing in Sri Lanka. It was made in 29 BC.

Sri Lanka Facts 4: the civil war

The famous civil war in Sri Lanka happened for 30 years. In 2009, the civil war ended after Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was defeated by the military of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Beauty

Sri Lanka Beauty

Sri Lanka Facts 5: the government

The presidential system is used to govern the country. Colombo is the largest city in the country. It serves as the commercial capital. Sri Lanka also has the legislative capital named Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

Sri Lanka Facts 6: the production in Sri Lanka

There are various items produced in Sri Lanka. Those include rubbers, cinnamons, coconuts, gemstones, coffee, tea, and many more.

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka Facts 7: the culture of Sri Lanka

The aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism shape the culture of the people in Sri Lanka. There are two major cultures in the country. The city of Jaffna is the center of Tamil culture, while Sri Kandy and Anuradhapura present the culture of Sinhalese. The local culture is influenced by the British colonial culture too.

Sri Lanka Facts 8: the famous dishes

Sri Lanka has various dishes to try. Those include wholemeal Roti, rice and curry, wattalapam, String hoppers, hoppers, kottu, and Kiribath. Check Somalia facts here.

Sri Lanka Picture

Sri Lanka Picture

Sri Lanka Facts 9: the New Year festival

The New Year festival of Hindu and Buddhist is celebrated by the Sri Lankans in April. Get facts about Spain here.

Sri Lanka Facts 10: the cultural dances

The cultural dances in Sri Lanka include the Kandian dances, whip dance and fire dances.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

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