10 Interesting Algeria Facts

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Algeria Facts tell the readers about the sovereign state in North Africa, which has the official name the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algiers serves as the capital of the country.  The center of the population is also located in the city. In Africa, Algeria takes the record as the 10th largest country. It spans on the area of 919,595 square miles or 2,381,741 sq km.  It shares border with a number of country such as Mauritania, Mali, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Niger.

Algeria Facts 1: the president

Since 1999, Algeria has been ruled by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The country is divided into 48 countries.

Algeria Facts 2: the ancient Algeria

Many dynasties and empires flourished in Algeria during the ancient period. Some of them were Numidians, Ottomans, Phoenicians, Almoravids, Byzantines, Romans, Carthaginians, Spaniards, Zirid and Almohads in non-chronological order.



Algeria Facts 3: the major source of economy

The major source of economy in Algeria is their export on energy. Europe is the primary importer, which takes the large amount of natural gas from Algeria. Check facts about Zimbabwe here.

Algeria Facts 4: the energy sources

Algeria takes the ninth place of the country with the largest reserves of natural gas. In Africa, it takes the record as the second largest country with oil reserves according to OPEC.

Algeria Pic

Algeria Pic

Algeria Facts 5: the largest company

The largest company in Africa is Sonatrach. In Algeria, it earns the status as the national oil company.

Algeria Facts 6: military

The government concerns with military. Therefore, the budget for the military improvement is high in Algeria. Russia is the close ally of Algeria. There is no need to wonder that it exports the weapons from Russia.

Algeria Image

Algeria Image

Algeria Facts 7: the organization

Algeria participates in various organizations such as United Nations, OPEC, Arab League, African Union and Maghreb Union.

Algeria Facts 8: wildlife

The wildlife in Algeria is spotted in the grassy dessert, mountains and coastal regions. The animals spotted in the country include jerboas, foxes, gazelles, jackals, wild boars, Saharan cheetah and African leopard. Look at facts about Central African Republic here.

Algeria Facts

Algeria Facts

Algeria Facts 9: types of flora

Algeria is a home to unique flora and fauna. The latter ones include cedars, oaks, olive trees, macchia scrub, conifers, agave, eucalyptus, fig, juniper, palm trees, evergreen oak and Aleppo pines.

Algeria Facts 10: the power of the country

Mohamed Mediène is considered as the most powerful man in Algeria. He takes the position as the head of military intelligence.

Facts about Algeria

Facts about Algeria

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