10 Interesting Swaziland Facts

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One of the sovereign states in Southern Africa is explained on Swaziland Facts. Some people often call this state as Eswatini or kaNgwane. But the official name of the country is Kingdom of Swaziland. It shares border with South Africa and Mozambique. Based on the land area, Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Get more interesting facts about Swaziland below:

Swaziland Facts 1: the climate

Even though Swaziland is very small, it has diverse climate and landscape. In the mountainous area, it has the cool climate. The dry one is spotted in the lowland.

Swaziland Facts 2: the establishment of Swaziland kingdom

In mid-18th century, Swaziland Kingdom was formed. The ruler was Ngwane III. In 1881, the present boundaries of the kingdom were set up. Get facts about Sudan here.

Facts about Swaziland

Facts about Swaziland

Swaziland Facts 3: British protectorate

In 1903 until 1967, Swaziland became the British protectorate after the Anglo-Boer war ended. On 6th September 1968, the people in the state gained their independence.

Swaziland Facts 4: who is the ruler of Swaziland?

Do you know the current ruler of Swaziland? Ngwenyama Mswati III is the current ruler of Kingdom of Swaziland.  It is ruled under absolute monarchy.  The king is considered as the head of the state. The members of the House of Assembly will be selected by the elections held per five years. Check Suriname facts here.



Swaziland Facts 5: the economy

The economy of Swaziland is still low. It has a lower middle income since the GDP per capital is only $9,714. South Africa is the local trading partner of Swaziland, while United States and European Unions are the overseas trading partners.

Swaziland Facts 6: the economic sector

The important economic sectors in Swaziland are the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Most people are engaged in both sectors.

Swaziland Facts

Swaziland Facts

Swaziland Facts 7: the health issues

The major health issues faced by the people who live in Swaziland are HIV AIDS and tuberculosis. The life expectancy of the people was around 50 years old based on the report in 2013.

Swaziland Facts 8: the growth rate of the population

The growth of the population is Swaziland is 1.195 percent. The median age in the country is 20.5 years.

Swaziland Pic

Swaziland Pic

Swaziland Facts 9: the important events

There are two major events in Swaziland. In December/January, the kingship dance is held. It is called incwala. In August/September, it has Umhlanga.

Swaziland Facts 10: the education in the country

The university education in Swaziland is offered by Swaziland Christian University, Southern African Nazarene University and University of Swaziland.

Swaziland Pictures

Swaziland Pictures

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