10 Interesting Syria Facts

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Find out a country in Western Asia on Syria Facts. The official name of this country is Syrian Arab Republic. There are various religious and ethnic groups who live in Syria. Those include Mandeans, Assyrians, Greeks, Syrian Arabs, Armenians, Turks, Circassians, and Kurds. The landscape of Syria is filled with deserts, high mountains and fertile plains.

Syria Facts 1: the religious groups in Syria

The religious groups who live in Syria include Yazidis, Salafis, Alawites, Christians, Druze, Sunnis, Shiites, and Mandeans. The largest one is Sunni Arabs. Find facts about Sweden here.

Syria Facts 2: Emergency Law

In 1963 until 2011, the Emergency Law was applied in Syria. The country is considered as the non democratic one after the citizens are not protected constitutionally.

Facts about Syria

Facts about Syria

Syria Facts 3: the presidents of Syria

Since 2000, the president of Syria had been Bashar al-Assad. In 1970 until 2000, the presidential seat was for Hafez al-Assad. He was the father of Bashar al-Assad. Get facts about Switzerland here.

Syria Facts 4: the peace in Syria

Syria is considered as one of the least peaceful countries in the world because of the Syrian civil war. There has been an uprising Assad and the Ba’athist government since March 2011 in Syria. In March 2013, the Syrian National Coalition created the Syrian Interim Government.

Syria Image

Syria Image

Syria Facts 5: the culture

The culture of Syrian people can be seen in their self-discipline, respect, education, religion and family.

Syria Facts 6: the dances

There are several traditional dances in Syria. Those include the sword dance, Dabkeh and the al-Samah.

Syria Pic

Syria Pic

Syria Facts 7: the Syrian literature

The oral and written poetry is considered as the traditional form of Syrian literature.  In 19th century, the Arab literature and culture was affected a lot of by the Syrians writers because many of them moved to Egypt. Some of the famous contemporary Syrian writers included Zakariyya Tamer, Nizar Qabbani, Muhammad Maghout, Adonis and Ghada al-Samman.

Syria Facts 8: Salim Barakat

Salim Barakat is one of the famous Syrian writers who live in Sweden. His works are focused on the Syrian folk narrative genre.



Syria Facts 9: the popular sport

Football, swimming, basketball and tennis are some of the most popular sports in Syria.

Syria Facts 10: the Syrian cuisines

The ingredients used in Syrian cuisines are various and rich. Some Syrian dishes are made based on the influences of Southwest Asian, Greek, Turkish, French and Southern Mediterranean style. Some of the famous Syrian dishes include baklava, hummus, fattoush, pastirma, mujaddara, kibbeh, sujuk and shawarma.

Syria Picture

Syria Picture

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