10 Interesting Guatemala Facts

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If you love to study about the countries in the world, you need to check Guatemala facts. Guatemala can be one of the exotic countries in the world.   The name of this country means the land of trees. It was taken from the Mayan language. Find out the detail information about Guatemala below:

Guatemala Facts 1: official name

Can you tell me the official name of Guatemala? You can call it republic of Guatemala. Many people love to visit Guatemala because it has a warm tropical climate which can brighten your bad day. You can enjoy the highland and fascinating air here. Many people also call Guatemala as the land of the eternal spring.

Guatemala Facts 2: independence

It was in 15th September 1821 that Guatemala was gifted an independence from Spain. You can see the biggest celebration of the national day by visiting Quetzaltenango.

Guatemala facts

Guatemala facts

Guatemala Facts 3: parts of the country

There are three parts of the country that you need to know in Guatemala. You can find the agricultural pacific lowlands, central highland and sparsely populated northern plains.

Guatemala Facts 4: Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capitol city in the country. Compared to any other cities in Guatemala, it is considered as the most populous one.

Guatemala Mayan

Guatemala Mayan

Guatemala Facts 5: Spanish

The people in Guatemala use Spanish as their official language. However, many people in the country also speak their native language. Quetzal is the official currency in Guatemala.

Guatemala Facts 6: UNESCO heritage sites

UNESCO heritage sites can be found in the country. It has many protected sites that people can visit when spending time in Guatemala. You can go to Ruinds of Quirigua and Tikal National, Antigua Guatemala, and Archeoligical Park.

Guatemala Pic

Guatemala Pic

Guatemala Facts 7: chocolate bar

It was in the Mayan era that the first chocolate bar was created in Guatemala. Another invention was the blue denim. It was initially created here.

Guatemala Facts 8: national flag of Guatemala

Have you ever seen the national flag of Guatemala? In the middle of the flag, you can see a national coat of arm. The flag symbolizes two bodies of water with two different blue strips.



Guatemala Facts 9: Tajumulco Volcano

Tajumulco Volcano is considered as the highest point in Guatemala.  The highlands of Guatemala are filled with many volcanoes. It is estimated the country is a home to 33 volcanoes.

Guatemala Facts 10: products

One fourth of the national economy lies on the products of the land such as banana, coffee and sugar.

Guatemala Sinkhole

Guatemala Sinkhole

If you love to study about the Mayan cultures, you can go to this country. Do you have any other information on facts about Guatemala?

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