10 Interesting Judo Facts

Friday, May 16th 2014. | Sports

If you want to know one of the best sports that you can use for defense mechanism, read Judo facts. Judo is an engaging sport that you can do for special activity outside the house. It makes you tough and strong. Lets’ find out the origin of Judo by reading the following post below:

Judo Facts 1: ExCeL

ExCeL is one of the best places for judo competition. There are 48 women and 84 men following the competition to get 13 medals in the event. It was held from August 30th to September 1st.

Judo Facts 2: jujitsu

Judo was created based on jujitsu. Dr Jigoro Kano created it in Japan at the end of 19th century. Soon it became one of the popular sports not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world.

Judo facts

Judo facts

Judo Facts 3: Paralympic Games

The first time judo included in the event was in 1988 in Seoul. It was one of the competitive sports at the Paralympic Games.

Judo Facts 4: Athens

In 2004, the weight categories of Judo for women were included as a part of the competitive event at Athens.

Judo Japan

Judo Japan

Judo Facts 5: Japanese style

As I have stated before judo was originated from Japan. This sport is influenced by Japanese origin. The referee will stop the game by shouting the word Matte. To start the contest, the referee will shout Hajime. Read Japanese culture facts here.

Judo Facts 6: equipment

Let’s find out the equipment that you need to prepare before you involve with this sport.  The contest area usually is created from tatami or mat. It has the length and width of 8m x 8m. All the way around the contest area, you can find 1 m safety area.

Judo Pic

Judo Pic

Judo Facts 7: scores

The scores determine the winner of the competition. This competition only lasts for 5 minutes. The scores will be awarded for the players from their hold, throw, strangles and arm lock.

Judo Facts 8: ippon

If the player creates ippon, the competition stops immediately. Ippon is a term used for the maximum scores. The players have to enter the golden score period if the score is tied.

Judo Rules

Judo Rules

Judo Facts 9: movies

There are many movie stars who love to play judo. They practice this sport to increase the ability in some action movies.

Judo Facts 10: International Blind Sports Federation

International Blind Sports Federation is considered as the governing body for this sport. The rules in the IBSA are derived from International Judo Federation.



You are wrong if you think that Japanese people must be the winner in judo competition. Venezuelan Naomi Soazo was the winner at London 2012. Are you inspired with facts about judo?

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