10 Interesting Skydiving Facts

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Skydiving Facts talk about the action sport which makes you fly and return again to the ground using a parachute. To slow down and come back to earth, you are aided by the gravity of earth. The parachuting technology is developed by the military as one of the best ways to save the aircrews from the aircraft or hot air balloons. Check more interesting facts about Skydiving below:

Skydiving Facts 1: Andre-Jacques Garnerin

The first successful descent of skydiving is credited for Andre-Jacques Garnerin.  This man used a small basket and a canvas canopy to make a descent.

Skydiving Facts 2: Leslie Irvin

In 1919, Leslie Irvin took the record as the first person who made the successful freefall jump internationally. He used the deployment operated by ripcord.

Facts about Skydiving

Facts about Skydiving

Skydiving Facts 3: the military and skydiving

There are two main functions of having skydiving for the military. It can be used to save people from the aircrafts or hot air balloon accidents and used to deploy the soldiers in the battlefield.

Skydiving Facts 4:the competition

Skydiving was included in the competition in 1930s. In 1952, it was officially included as an international sport.



Skydiving Facts 5:the performance of skydiving

Skydiving is not easy to do since you have to be brave to try. Today, it is not only used as a competitive sport, but also a recreational activity.

Skydiving Facts 6:the fatalities

Many people think that skydiving is a dangerous and extreme sport. However, the rate of the fatalities of skydiving is very low. In United States, there are around 21 skydivers killed per year. The rate is 0.0007 percent. It means that one death per 150,000 jumps.



Skydiving Facts 7:the two parachutes

The two parachutes should be carried by the skydiver. That’s the rule for skydiving in most western countries and United States. When the reserve parachute is used or not used, a certificated parachute rigger must be re-packed and inspected regularly. Find out facts about scuba diving here.

Skydiving Facts 8:ADD

ADD stands for automatic activation device. This ADD is used to open the reserve parachute when the skydiver is still at freefall stage.

Skydiving Facts

Skydiving Facts

Skydiving Facts 9:the visual altimeter

Besides, an ADD, the visual altimeter is also found on the helmet of the skydiver.

Skydiving Facts 10:the risk of fatalities and injuries

The risk of having fatalities and injuries is very high when the skydivers perform the unnecessary maneuver or performance  during the freefall. It often makes them end up in wrong judgment when they fly the canopy on the sky. Get facts about skin jumping here.



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