10 Interesting Rottweiler Dog Facts

Friday, August 2nd 2013. | Animals

Rottweiler dog facts present the interesting facts about one of the popular dog breeds in the world. Have you even looked after a Rottweiler dog? This dog is served the guardian at home. Some people also use this dog as a hunter. Here are the quick facts about Rottweiler dogs to know:

Rottweiler Dog Facts 1: Physical Descriptions

Rottweiler dogs are always accentuated by their physical appearance. You can see that they are big, muscular, aggressive, strong and large. Many kids are afraid with Rottweiler because of their powerful jaws. They can bite till death.

Rottweiler Dog Facts 2: Temperaments

If you can train them well, they will not dangerous to your family, instead they can take care your family and house well than any guardian dogs. However, you need to note the real temperament of Rottweiler. The animals are not easy to manage. They are independent. It is a poor choice for a family pet.

Rottweiler Dog Facts

Rottweiler Dog Facts

Rottweiler Dog Facts 3: Size

The height of Rottweiler is around 22 to 27 inches. The weight is around 80 to 135 pounds.

Rottweiler Dog Facts 4: Original of Breed

The animal comes from Germany. The bred actually is functioned as a guardian dog or a herding dog. Many people also call the dog as Rotties, Rottie or Rottweiler Metzgerhund

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler Dog Facts 5: Life Span

The life span so Rottweiler dogs are just like the life of other large dogs. They can only survive around 12 to 14 years. Find another animal’s life span on barn owl facts.

Rottweiler Dog Facts 6: Color of Coat

The color of coat of Rottweiler is considered as xx. Sometimes it has the xx medium length with deep brown, tan or black marks.

Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler Dog Facts 7: Illness

Each breed is susceptible to disease.  If you have a Rottweiler at home, you need to ensure that the animals are protected from Gastric Torsion, Elbow Dysplasia, Epilepsy, and Entropies.

Rottweiler Dog Facts 8: Jobs of Rottweiler

Rottweiler has several jobs under their responsibility. Some of them include pulling carts, herding animal, hunting and guiding properties.



Rottweiler Dog Facts 9: Human Attack

Rottweiler is considered as a dangerous dog. It was reported that the breed was considered as the second breed which led to severe human attack in 1997. Read giraffe facts to know the longest neck animal.

Rottweiler Dog Facts 10: Breeding

It was in 19th century that the first breed of Rottweiler was introduced to the world.



We do not highly recommend people to have Rottweiler as a family pet due to the basic nature of this breed. It is strong, powerful, aggressive and muscular. Kids need a loving and caring dog that they can play with. You can have a Rottweiler as a guardian dog to protect the house from any intruder when you sleep at night. Many home owners let their Rottweiler dogs spreading around the front and backyard to protect the family from any thieves and robbers. This is a good decision to save your family from any bad people. Are you interested to find more on facts about Rottweiler?

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