10 Interesting Wombat Facts

Wednesday, May 24th 2017. | Animals

Let me inform you with marsupials endemic to Australia on Wombat Facts. The marsupials are muscular quadrupedal. They have short legs. The body length is only measured at 40 inches or 1 inch.  Wombats can be found in heathland, mountainous and forested regions in southeastern Australia.  They inhabit the Epping Forest National Park in Central Queensland on 740 acres or 30 hectares of land. Here are other interesting facts about wombat to notice:

Wombat Facts 1: burrows

Wombats live inside the burrows by digging the soil extensively.  They own strong claws. The front teeth resemble the rodent.

Wombat Facts 2: the adaptation

The backwards pouch is considered as the primary adaptation of wombats. When they dig for the burrows, the young will not be affected by the soil.

facts about Wombat

facts about Wombat

Wombat Facts 3: the behavior

Wombat is considered as a nocturnal and crepuscular animal. It means that they are not active during the day. However, it is also common to spot wombat going out on cool days to find foods.

Wombat Facts 4: the unique behavior

The behavior of wombat is unique. It is hard for us to spot the presence of wombat. However, they often leave marks such as the cubic faeces and traces on the passage. Look at facts about wildlife here.

Wombat Dentition

Wombat Dentition

Wombat Facts 5: the primary diets

Roots, bark, herbs, sedges and grasses are the primary diets of wombats for they are herbivorous animals.

Wombat Facts 6: the fur color

The fur color of wombat is ranging from black, grey, brown and sandy color. It has the weight of 20 to 35 kilogram or 44 to 77 lb. The length is around one metre.

Wombat Image

Wombat Image

Wombat Facts 7: reproduction

In the spring, a single young will be delivered by a female wombat. The gestation period of female wombat is around 20 to 21 days. Check facts about African Wild Dog here.

Wombat Facts 8: maturity

The wombat will be mature when they reach age of 18 months. At the age of 15 months, they are weaned.

Wombat Feces

Wombat Feces

Wombat Facts 9: a group of wombat

There are a number of terms used to call a group of wombat.  You can call it a colony, mob or wisdom.

Wombat Facts 10: the life span

If wombat lives in captivity, their life span is around 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, they have shorter life span up to 15 years by living in the wild.

Wombat Facts

Wombat Facts

Are you amazed after reading facts about wombat?

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