10 Interesting Rabbit Facts

Sunday, September 1st 2013. | Animals

If you want to enjoy more info about one of the cutest animals, see the following rabbit facts. Many people love have rabbit as their pet. The animals are always linked with carrot even though they also love to eat other types of vegetables. Let me give you more facts about rabbit that you have not seen before.

Rabbit Facts 1: World Record

There are two world records about rabbit. The longest jump of a rabbit can reach 3 meter. The highest jump can reach 1 meter.

Rabbit Facts 2: Sweat

Human is sweat all over the body, but rabbit is different. It only sweats on the pads of feet. Read a cute animal in pig facts.

Rabbit Cute

Rabbit Cute

Rabbit Facts 3: Rabbit and Crops

Even though some people love rabbit much, the Australian people seem to hate it. It is estimated that every year rabbits destroy many crops.

Rabbit Facts 4: Ancient Habit

Rabbit has been used for racing in the ancient Egyptian people. Probably the people like to know which rabbit jumped faster than other rabbits and won the race.

Rabbit in Cage

Rabbit in Cage

Rabbit Facts 5: Scientific Name

Do you know the scientific name of rabbit? It is Oryctolagus cuniculus. It can be interbreeding with hare. Both animals can be seen living in America. The type of hare and rabbit can be found in the states are domestic rabbit, snow hose rabbit, cottontail and jackrabbit. Find more about Tasmanian devil facts here.

Rabbit Facts 6: Rabbit Organizations

There are several types of rabbit organizations in the world. The famous ones include American Rabbit Breeders Association, Rabbit Empire, British Rabbit Council, and House Rabbit Society.

Rabbit in Grey

Rabbit in Grey

Rabbit Facts 7: Business

Rabbit is also a good commodity of business. A rabbit business is named rabbitry. Some farms in the world breed rabbits because they want to use the fur. In the past, rabbits were used as the main source of food during the World War 2. It seems that rabbit meat is still popular today. Each year, million pounds of rabbit are consumed by people all over the world.

Rabbit Facts 8: Breeding

The breed of rabbit is varied. It is estimated that rabbit has more than 1800 breed types. The popularity of rabbit is growing bigger. In England it comes in the third position after dogs and cats.

Rabbit White

Rabbit White

Rabbit Facts 9: Life Span

The wild rabbit has shorter life span than the pet rabbit. The largest population of domestic rabbit is seen in North America. The domestic rabbit actually is the descendant of European rabbit.

Rabbit Facts 10: Gestation Period

It takes only 30 days for a rabbit to produce a pup. When domestic rabbit is born, it has no fur which covers the body.



The type of rabbit active when the evening and early morning comes is bunny rabbit. All rabbits are included as mammal. You are wrong if you think that they are rodents even though they resemble a similar look. What do you think on facts about rabbit?

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