10 Interesting the US Army Facts

Tuesday, December 20th 2016. | Military

The US Army Facts will talk about the armed forces of United States. Have you realized the purposes of this land-based branch? The primary one is to preserve the security and peace and provide the defense for not only US, but also its occupied areas, possessions and commonwealth. Other functions are related to the implementation of national objectives and support for the national policies. Let us check other interesting facts about US Army below:

The US Army Facts 1: the continental army

On 14 June 1775, the Continental Congress established the Continental Army.

The US Army Facts 2: the commander of continental army

The commander of continental army was George Washington.  At that time, the main enemy of the army was Great Britain.

the us army facts

the us army facts

The US Army Facts 3: the leaders

The men who had served in the British army were selected as the leaders for the continental army at first. That is why the military style and tactics reflected the ones in British military.

The US Army Facts 4: the influence

The military style then was influenced by France after the continental army received help from the country. See facts about the Marine here.

the us army pic

the us army pic

The US Army Facts 5: Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was one of the European soldiers who contributed to the teaching and thinking of continental army. He introduced the Prussian organizational skill and strategies.

The US Army Facts 6: the casualties

In term of casualties, the costliest war for United States was the American civil war. The Confederate States were formed in Southern United States. They fought the Northern or Union Army. This civil war was driven regarding slavery in the nation. Get facts about FBI here.

the us army

the us army

The US Army Facts 7: the First World War

United States joined Italy, Russia, France and Britain during the First World War in 1917. The US army fought in the Western Front.

The US Army Facts 8: the Second World War

In December 1941, the United States army also took part in the Second World War because Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan.

facts about the us army

facts about the us army

The US Army Facts 9: the central role of US Army on the Second World War

The United States Army played a significant role during the Second World War after it defeated the Nazi Germany along with the allies.

The US Army Facts 10: the Pacific Island

Japan controlled the Pacific Islands during the Second World War. The Marine Corps and Army Soldiers worked together to capture the islands.

the us army images

the us army images

What do you think on facts about the US Army?

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