10 Interesting the Anus Facts

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If you want to know more information about the human anus, you have to check the anus facts. The word anus is taken from Latin word. In English, it means circle or ring. The main function of the anus is for controlling the exit for the feces. Therefore, the anus is located at the end of the rectum. Let’s find other interesting facts about anus below:

The Anus Facts 1: the sphincters

There are two anal sphincters located at the anus. Both are the external anal sphincter and the internal anal sphincter. The external one is voluntary, while the involuntary one is located at the internal sphincter.

The Anus Facts 2: the location of anus

Do you know the location of anus in men and women? The male has the anus located behind the scrotum. The female has the anus located behind the vagina. Get facts about skeleton here.

Human Anus

Human Anus

The Anus Facts 3: anus and sexuality

In some cases, anus has an essential role in sexuality when people perform anal sex. However, in some countries, anal sex is considered as an illegal sex.

The Anus Facts 4: anus and the social aspect

In various social aspects, anus is considered as a taboo part of the body. Some people often call it using vulgar slang words. Find facts about sperm here.

The Anus Facts

The Anus Facts

The Anus Facts 5: the clinical significance

Anus is considered a potential site of infection. The clinical significance is various related to anus.  The birth defects include stenosis, imperforation and Tailgut cyst.  Other related diseases include Fistula, Hemorrhoids, anal cancer, anal warts, itchiness, anal abscesses and sexual transmitted infections.

The Anus Facts 6: Trauma

There are several causes of trauma on anus.  The rough penetration during the anal sex or even sacrificial surgery on the perineal region can cause the trauma.

Anus Parts

Anus Parts

The Anus Facts 7: the pubic hair

The public hair can be seen around the anus during the puberty because of the increase level of testosterone. It increases the growth of the androgenic hair in the body. At the end of the puberty, the hair fills out.

The Anus Facts 8: hygiene

The hygiene of the anus should be maintained if you want to prevent any diseases on the anus.

Male Anus

Male Anus

The Anus Facts 9: the anal cleansing

The anal cleansing should be conducted carefully. After you empty the bowel, wipe the exterior of the anus with toilet paper or you can rinse it with water.

The Anus Facts 10: cosmetic

Some people decide to clear the hair perineum of anus by having Brazilian waxing, trimming, or even shaving. Some people perform anal bleaching to lighten the darkened look of anus.

Anus Pic

Anus Pic

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