8 Interesting Nightmare Facts

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Nightmare Facts give the interesting information about the bad dream that people often have when they are sleeping. The nightmare can mean terror to some people. They are unable to sleep well because of the nightmare. In many cultures, the people are recommended to pray before they sleep. It is used to avoid the nightmare. Here are facts about nightmare for you:

Nightmare Facts 1: natural disaster

When people often dream about natural disaster such as flood, landslides, or even thunderstorm, it means that this person is involved with anxiety. It is due to the fact that weather and climate cannot be controlled. If you want to avoid the natural disaster nightmare, you can see the doctor for advice.

Nightmare Facts 2: the dead body

Have you ever had a nightmare seeing the dead body? Some superstitious people think that the dead body wants to communicate with you through the dream. Based on the scientific approach, the nightmare can mean the inability of the people to let go the dead person.

Nightmare At Night

Nightmare At Night

Nightmare Facts 3: missing

If you often have a nightmare about missing the special events such as the birthday party, meeting, interview or even wedding occasion, it means that you live in a very high pressure life. You feel suppressed because of the fast pace of life. You need to slow down and become an arranged person to avoid this dream coming over and over.

Nightmare Facts 4: naked dream

If you always dream yourself naked, it can be associated with the problem of self esteem and self image. You are always afraid to be judged by people based on the appearance.

Nightmare Facts

Nightmare Facts

Nightmare Facts 5: teeth

The nightmare about teeth is also another nightmare that people want to avoid. When you have this kind of nightmare, it means that you are involved with the fear of self image.

Nightmare Facts 6: having an accident or injuries

Another nightmare that people want to avoid is having an injury or accident. You feel the pain and wound in the dream. This nightmare represents the anxiety of personal weakness.

Nightmare Kids

Nightmare Kids

Nightmare Facts 7: the partner of family leaving

The most dreadful nightmare that people have is when their partner or members of the family leave. This condition represents that you are afraid to be alone. It can be a sign that you feel insecure about the relationship with partner.

Nightmare Facts 8: falling

If you are falling in the nightmare, you can take the silver lining that you are afraid of not to be able to control your life. You probably have the anxiety and dread about the career, relationship or even economy. Get detail facts about dream here.



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