10 Interesting Suffragette Facts

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If you are interested to know the members of female organization in the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century, check Suffragette Facts. The main focus of this organization is on the behalf of women. In some cases, people always defined Suffragette as the WSPU or the Women’s Social and Political Union which flourished in Great Britain. Find out other interesting facts about Suffragette below:

Suffragette Facts 1: the activists of British WSPU

As I have stated before, the term Suffragette is always associated with the British WSPU. The leaders of this organization were Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst.

Suffragette Facts 2: The Russian method

The Russian method was applied by Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst in the activities of British WSPU.  The hunger strike was one of the methods inspired from the Russian method.

Suffragette Pic

Suffragette Pic

Suffragette Facts 3: other types of protest

There were many other types of protests conducted by British WSPU such as pouring the hard chemicals into the mailboxes, chaining the body into the railing, burning the unoccupied building or even breaking the windows of the important buildings.  Get facts about Martha Graham here.

Suffragette Facts 4: the imprisonment

Due to their provoked activities, many of them were put in jail in Holloway Prison in London. After they made hunger strike, the official forced them to eat.

Suffragette Picture

Suffragette Picture

Suffragette Facts 5: the right of women to vote

In 1893, the first self governing country which gave all women the right to vote was New Zealand even though in 1881, Isle of Man had given the right to vote for the women who owned property.

Suffragette Facts 6: the women in South Australia

The women who lived in South Australia also obtained the right to vote. In 1895, they were allowed to stand in the parliament. Check facts about Jane Addams here.

Facts about Suffragette

Facts about Suffragette

Suffragette Facts 7: the women in United States

In 1869, the women from western territories of Wyoming were allowed to vote in United States as long as their age was more than 21 years old.

Suffragette Facts 8: the women in Britain

In 1918, the men and women in Britain were allowed to vote as long as they met the property qualification. Their age should be more than 30 years old.



Suffragette Facts 9: who were the British suffragettes?

The main members of the British suffragettes were from the middle class and upper class family. They used Suffragette because they were bored with the economic and social condition in the country.

Suffragette Facts 10: John Stuart Mill

In 1865, John Stuart Mill presented the idea of women’s suffrage on the British electorate.

Suffragette Movement

Suffragette Movement

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