10 Interesting Soviet Union Facts

Wednesday, September 9th 2015. | History

Soviet Union Facts inform you with a Marxist-Leninist state. The official name of the state was Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR. People often called it Soviet Union. This state lasted from 1922 until 1991 in the Eurasian continent. Let’s find out the leader, political system as well as the capital of Soviet Union by checking the below post:

Soviet Union Facts 1: Communist Party

Communist Party was the only single party in Soviet Union. It governed the state. The centralized economy and government were the main characteristics of Soviet Union. The capital of the state was Moscow.

Soviet Union Facts 2: the brief history of Soviet Union

The Russian Empire broke down during the Russian Revolution in 1917. Therefore, the root for establishing the Soviet Union was always associated with the Russian Revolution.

Soviet Union Picture

Soviet Union Pictur

Soviet Union Facts 3: The Bolsheviks

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of Bolsheviks. In Social Democratic Labour Party, it was the major faction. Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic was established by Lenin after the second revolution that he made to throw the provincial government. In 1936, it was changed into Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

Soviet Union Facts 4: the civil war

The civil war occurred after the establishment of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. It was the war between the counter revolution Whites and pro revolution Reds. Get facts about Russia here.

Soviet Union Pic

Soviet Union Pic

Soviet Union Facts 5: the function of Red Army

The Red Army worked because of the peasants and workers. They helped to take over the power of the Soviet Union to assist the local Communist. Find out facts about Sochi here.

Soviet Union Facts 6: the formation of Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was established after the Communists were in victory in 1922. The unification of Ukrainian, Byelorussian republics, Russian and Transcaucasian marked the formation of Soviet Union.

Soviet Union Image

Soviet Union Image

Soviet Union Facts 7: the death of Lenin

In 1924, Lenin died. In 1920s, Joseph Stalin became the most powerful man in the Soviet Union.

Soviet Union Facts 8: Marxism–Leninism

Marxism–Leninism was applied by Stalin in Soviet Union. The political opposition in the state was suppressed by Stalin to meet the ideology of the state.

Soviet Union facts

Soviet Union facts

Soviet Union Facts 9: the industrialization and collectivization

Industrialization and collectivization occurred rapidly in the state after Stalin started the centralized economy. After the World War 2, the country has great dominance and war effort.

Soviet Union Facts 10: the beginning of World War 2

The alliance of Soviet Union was rejected by France and UK in the beginning of World War 2. Then Germany and Soviet Union signed a non aggression pact. But in 1941, it was disregarded when Nazis invaded the state.

Soviet Union

Soviet Union

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