10 Interesting the Middle Passage Facts

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Find out the interesting information about the stage of triangular trade of millions of Africans on the Middle Passage facts. It was considered as a part of the Atlantic slave trade where many African were transported to the New World as slaves.  The ships came from Europe to reach African markets. The manufactured goods were brought from Europe in the ships to be traded with kidnapped or purchased Africans. Then the Africans were shipped as slaves across the Atlantic. The slaves will be traded and sold to get the raw materials for making the manufactured goods. Then the ships would come back to Europe again to finish the voyage. Here are other useful facts to note about the Middle Passage:

The Middle Passage Facts 1: the finance

It was not possible for an individual to launch a complete voyage to a Middle Passage for it involved large financial undertaking. Therefore, this voyage usually was organized by a group of investors or companies.

The Middle Passage Facts 2: the term Middle Passage

The time in betweenness of the trade from Africa to America was used to define the term Middle Passage. Check facts about slavery in America here.

Facts about The Middle Passage

Facts about The Middle Passage

The Middle Passage Facts 3: who received the enslaved Africans?

The enslaved Africans would be received by the traders who came from Caribbean and Americas. The traders from North America and Brazil also involved in the trading process.

The Middle Passage Facts 4: the European countries

The European countries also involved in the slave trade. They included Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Portugal, Brandenburg, Denmark, and France.

The Middle Passage Facts

The Middle Passage Facts

The Middle Passage Facts 5: the enslaved Africans

Most enslaved Africans were from 8 regions. They were Southeastern Africa, West Central Africa, Bight of Biafra, Windward Coast, Senegambia, Gold Coast, Upper Guinea, and Bight of Benin.

The Middle Passage Facts 6: the death of Africans

The mortality rate of the Africans while being transported at the ship was 15 percent. Look at facts about American History here.

The Middle Passage Images

The Middle Passage Images

The Middle Passage Facts 7: the higher mortality rate

The higher mortality rate was spotted in Africa than at the sea. Many died when they were captured or even transported to the ships.

The Middle Passage Facts 8: the total death toll

There were at least million Africans died during the Middle Passage voyage. But some sources cited that 4 million Africans died because of slavery in 1500 until 1900.

The Middle Passage Pictures

The Middle Passage Pictures

The Middle Passage Facts 9: the monopoly of slave export

The European country which almost had a monopoly over the slave trade export was Portuguese slavers in 1440 until 1640.

The Middle Passage Facts 10: the duration of the voyage

The duration of Middle Passage journey could not be predicted for it depended on the weather condition. It usually took around 1 to 6 months to complete.

The Middle Passage

The Middle Passage

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