10 Interesting Petroleum Facts

Friday, October 10th 2014. | Science

If you to know the detail information about the synthetic oil or even crude oil, you have to check Petroleum Facts. Petroleum is one of the main commodities in the world. You can find that most countries which have abundant oil are very rich such as Arab and Dubai. Here are the interesting facts about petroleum for you:

Petroleum Facts 1: form of oil

If you save the oil at the room temperature, it has the liquid form. Check more facts about oil here.

Petroleum Facts 2: water and oil

Water and oil will never get mixed in normal condition. If you do not believe me, you can try it at home by mixing a glass of water with a spoon of oil. If you want to mix the oil, you have to use the emulsifier. One of the best examples of emulsifier is detergent. You just have put the detergent inside the mixture of water and oil.

Petroleum at Sea

Petroleum at Sea

Petroleum Facts 3: petroleum

Petroleum is a crude oil. It is different from the vegetable oil.  Petroleum is taken from the underground of earth. It comes in black and thick liquid.  The vegetable oil is created from plants. They can be from coconut, sunflower, peanut, palm or even corn.

Petroleum Facts 4: the crude oil

The fossils of the organic material such as plants and animals are the main material to create the crude oil.

Petroleum Black

Petroleum Black

Petroleum Facts 5: the usage of oil

Oil is very important for our daily life. You can use it as a fuel for the motorcycle, plane, cars and many other means of transportation.  The paint, cosmetics, lubricants and medicine also contain oil.

Petroleum Facts 6: conversion

Crude oil can be converted into other type of fuels. You have it in the forms of LPG, jet fuel, petroleum, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and many more.

Petroleum Facts

Petroleum Facts

Petroleum Facts 7: petroleum for machine and vehicles

The type of oil used to power the vehicles and machines include jet fuel diesel and gasoline. They can be used for airplanes, cars, motorcycles and trucks.

Petroleum Facts 8: synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is very beneficial for various purposes. It is mostly used for the lubricant in the jet engines.

Petroleum Pic

Petroleum Pic

Petroleum Facts 9: measurement

When people want to measure petroleum, you should never use liter or even gallon. The measurement for petroleum comes in bbl or barrels. You can get 159 liters or 42 gallons of oil for one bbl of petroleum.

Petroleum Facts 10: the large producer of oil reserve

The country with the largest oil reserve is Saudi Arabia. The 11th position is taken by United States of America. Saudi Arabia has 264 billon barrels of Oil. USA only has 21 billion barrels of oil.



Every day there are 20 million barrels of oil consumed by the American people. What do you think on facts about petroleum?

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