10 Interesting Smoking Cigarette Facts

Wednesday, August 19th 2015. | Health

Let’s find out the interesting Smoking Cigarette Facts in the following post below.  Smoking cigarette is considered as an act of burning tobacco and inhaling the smokes. This practice has been conducted by the people not only today, but also in the past. The practice of smoking cigarette was dated back around 5,000 to 3,000 BC. Here are other facts about smoking cigarette for you:

Smoking Cigarette Facts 1: the introduction of tobacco

In the end of 17th century, tobacco was brought to Eurasia.  The practice of smoking cigarette is criticized a lot today due to the various health problems that people encounter.

Smoking Cigarette Facts 2: smoking cigarette and lung cancer

Smoking cigarette is always associated with lung cancer. In the end of 1920s, the German scientists believed that lung cancer had something to do with the smoking cigarette. The clear relationship between the lung cancer and smoking cigarette was identified by British researchers in 1950s. Get facts about lung cancer here.

Smoking Cigarette

Smoking Cigarette

Smoking Cigarette Facts 3: the common method of consuming tobacco

The most common method of consuming tobacco is by smoking. When the people create the cigarettes, it is mixed with some additives.

Smoking Cigarette Facts 4: the smoking process

When people smoke cigarettes, they will inhale the smoke.  The lungs will absorb the active substance of cigarette through the alveoli. The traditional cigarettes usually contain nitrates and potassium. Get facts about respiration here.

Smoking Cigarette Picture

Smoking Cigarette Picture

Smoking Cigarette Facts 5: the chemical reactions

By smoking cigarettes, there will be chemical reactions triggered in the body which cause alertness and increase heart rate. The people who smoke also feel the pleasure for it can release endorphins and dopamine.

Smoking Cigarette Facts 6: the usage of tobacco

There were around 3 billion people who used tobacco in 2008 till 2010. 11 percent of them were women, while men were around 49 percent. More than 80 percent of tobacco usage is for smoking.

Smoking Cigarette Pic

Smoking Cigarette Pic

Smoking Cigarette Facts 7: the beginning of smoking

The people begin to smoke when they are in the early adulthood or adolescence. During the initial usage of smoking, the teens feel uncomfortable due to the presence of coughing and nausea.

Smoking Cigarette Facts 8: the negative effects of smoking cigarette

The negative effect of smoking cigarettes can be seen on the lungs and heart.

Smoking Cigarette Facts

Smoking Cigarette Facts

Smoking Cigarette Facts 9: the risk factors

The risk factor of having lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, strokes, heart attacks and emphysema is high when people smoke.

Smoking Cigarette Facts 10: other disease

The age related loss of muscle mass and sarcopenia are always associated with smoking cigarettes.

Facts about Smoking Cigarette

Facts about Smoking Cigarette

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