10 Interesting Francium Facts

Friday, January 31st 2014. | Science

Let’s find out the francium facts. If you want to know the second rarest element in the crust of earth, you have to get closer with francium.   Both astatine and francium are rare in the world.  Find out more facts about francium below:

Francium Facts 1: radioactive metal

Francium is considered as the radioactive metal.   The characteristics of Francium are unstable and heavy.  It is very rare because francium only has the maximum life of 22 minutes.

Francium Facts 2: water reaction

Compared to any other alkali metals in the world, francium has bigger reaction if you put it in water.

Francium 87

Francium 87

Francium Facts 3: life of francium

As I have stated before, the life of francium can only last for around 22 minutes. Then it will decay into radon, astatine and radium.

Francium Facts 4: Alkali Metal

If you study chemistry, you can find out that francium is located on the Group 1 element. It is included as an alkali metal.

Francium Cartoon

Francium Cartoon

Francium Facts 5: existence

You cannot find francium in the nature.  This alkali metal is very reactive. It can serve as a good conductor for the electricity and heat. Most alkali metals including francium are ductile, malleable, and soft.

Francium Facts 6: isotopes

Francium has 19 isotopes.  The isotope which has the half life of 21 minutes and is considered as the stable one is Fr 223. However, some scientists state that there are 33 isotopes of this element.

Francium Element

Francium Element

Francium Facts 7: production

Francium can be produced by combining thorium and actinium.  It is considered as the unstable radioactive element. In the earth crust, it can be seen less than one ounce.

Francium Facts 8: founder

Marguerite Derey of the Curie Institute discovered Francium in Paris in 1939.

Francium Facts

Francium Facts

Francium Facts 9: symbol

If you look at the periodic table, you can see that francium has the symbol of Fr. The atomic mass is around 223.0 amu. The atomic number of francium is 87.

Francium Facts 10: number of neutron and proton

Francium has the number of neutron 136. The number of electrons or protons in Francium is 87.



The boiling point is around 677.0 degree Celsius. The melting point of Francium is 27.0 degree Celsius. Are you fascinated with facts about Francium?

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