10 Interesting Marine Biologist Facts

Monday, July 7th 2014. | Science

Let’s find out about one of the interesting jobs in the world by reading Marine Biologist Facts. Do you want to be a marine biologist? This profession is interesting because you need to deal with ocean environment.  Let’s find out the actual jobs of a marine biologist in the following post below:

Marine Biologist Facts 1: who is marine biologist?

Let’s define a marine biologist first.  Those who work in the ocean environment and have a specialty as a biologist are called as the marine biologist.

Marine Biologist Facts 2: marine biology

Can you tell me the difference between marine biologist and marine biology? Marine biology is one of the major fields of biology. The word marine here makes the biologist talk about the marine ecology and fisheries.Find out marine biome facts here.

Marine Biologist Facts

Marine Biologist Facts

Marine Biologist Facts 3: where do they work?

You are wrong if you think that a marine biologist always works in the laboratories. They also make researches by working underwater. Some works that they have to do include area survey, research on marine ecosystem and ecological study.

Marine Biologist Facts 4: marine environment

If you think that marine environment only talks about the ocean, you are wrong. The marine biologist needs to make research about the complex system of the coral, fish, planktons, algae and other marine populations lived underwater.

Marine Biologist Job

Marine Biologist Job

Marine Biologist Facts 5: Fish populations

One topic that a marine biologist has to deal is the fish population. To achieve the proper fishing practices, the marine biologist has to monitor the fish population and makes a study about it.

Marine Biologist Facts 6: Invasive species

Another job that marine biologist has to do is making research about the effect of invasive species on the marine population. People realize that global shipping introduces the invasive species in other parts of the word.

Marine Biologist Pic

Marine Biologist Pic

Marine Biologist Facts 7: Ocean acidity

Ocean acidity should be controlled too. The marine population will be influenced if the acidity in the ocean is not stable. If the acidity is very high, the marine biologist needs to find out the proper conservation.

Marine Biologist Facts 8: Habitat loss

The marine environment should be checked occasionally by the marine biologist to make sure that the marine population will never have to face any habitat loss. The human settlement, fishing and environmental issues make many marine populations lose their place of living.

Marine Biologist Study

Marine Biologist Study

Marine Biologist Facts 9: Marine virus populations

The marine biologists have to deal with marine virus populations. Even though it is a branch of virology, the marine experts also have to deal with the issue.

Marine Biologist Facts 10: deep sea studies

Besides working in the lab, the marine biologist needs to check out the real environment by using the robot submarines to collect samples.

Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist

Now you know the jobs that a marine biologist should do. Do you want to share opinion on facts about marine biologist?

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