10 Interesting Scientist Facts

Friday, May 29th 2015. | Science

Get the interesting Scientist Facts if you want to know the individual engaging in the scientific method.  You can also define him or her as the person engaging in synthetic activity to gain knowledge. That’s the definition of scientist in broader sense. There are many scientists in the world.  Most of them give a big contribution in various fields such as astronomy, mathematics, technology and many more. Let’s find out the detail facts about scientist below:

Scientist Facts 1: scientist vs. engineer

Many people get the wrong impression by thinking that an engineer and scientist are similar. Both have different jobs.  The scientist has the job to conduct research in order to develop new practical method or technologies. On the other hand, an engineer has the job to maintain, build or design a practical device.

Scientist Facts 2: the scientific fields

There are many scientific fields that people can explore. Those include astronomy, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology.  The new science allows the people to process to the new discovery by conducting research.

Female Scientist

Female Scientist

Scientist Facts 3: Albert Einstein

One of the famous scientists was Albert Einstein.  He is famous in the world due to his wonderful theoretical physics. His theory of relativity has been used until this present day. Get facts about Einstein here.

Scientist Facts 4: Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei has conducted research on the field of astronomy. This scientist discovered the moons of Jupiter using his developed telescope. He made a lot of researches and observations on the solar system.

Scientist Facts

Scientist Facts

Scientist Facts 5: Newton

Newton is another impressive scientist. This man was the founder of the universal gravitation theory. He contributed a lot of the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics because of his famous three laws of motions.

Scientist Facts 6: Charles Darwin

Some people consider Darwin as one of the controversial persons. Actually he was a brilliant man who proposed the theory of natural selection of the world. He also created theory of evolution by collecting the data from his voyage.

Scientist Image

Scientist Image

Scientist Facts 7: Ernest Rutherford

Those who are interested with physics must be familiar with Ernest Rutherford. This man was awarded with a Nobel Prize in chemistry. He was born in New Zealand. He took the nickname as the father of Nuclear physics due to his new model of atom.

Scientist Facts 8: Jane Goodall

One example of the famous female scientists is Jane Goodall. She used her entire life to study the social behavior of chimpanzees. Find out Jane Goodall facts here.

Scientist Pic

Scientist Pic

Scientist Facts 9: Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler was from Germany. He was famous as a mathematician and astronomer. One of his theories is the three laws of planetary motion.

Scientist Facts 10: Michael Faraday

The electromagnetism ideas were proposed by Michael Faraday. He was a chemist and physicist from Britain.

Scientist Research

Scientist Research

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