10 Interesting Morphine Facts

Friday, August 8th 2014. | Science

Morphine Facts give the detail information about the opioid medication.  It’s famous as the pain reliever. Many people call morphine as the original opinion. Even though morphine is very important in the medical world because it can relieve the pain during the operation or surgery, some people use it for fun. It makes people addicted. Here are the interesting facts about morphine for you:

Morphine Facts 1: The street names

Do you know that morphine has the street names? Some people call it uncle, love dust, Emma, M, mofo, morf, 13, dry grog, gold dust, monkey dust, coby, white hop, cube and many more.

Morphine Facts 2: brands

When you are in the market, you can find morphine sold under various names such as Loceptin, Avinza, Algedol, Filnarine and Infumorph.

Morphine Abuse

Morphine Abuse

Morphine Facts 3: characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of morphine. It has silky, white, and feathery crystal form.  It can be dissolved inside alcohol and water.

Morphine Facts 4: prescription drug

Morphine is included in the prescription drug. The doctor will give you a prescription with the drug containing morphine to treat the chronic, acute and severe pain. The main usage of morphine is during the post surgical paint, myocadian infarctions and labor pains.

Morphine Facts

Morphine Facts

Morphine Facts 5: dosage

What about the dosage of morphine? The doctor will give it to the patient based on the tolerance level. But the low amount of dosage of morphine is allowed.  But it can be used for long term or short term pain control.

Morphine Facts 6: taking morphine

Before the doctor gives you the medication with morphine, you need to have a consultation first to make sure that there is no physical condition which can be affected with morphine intake.  It is due to the fact that morphine can increase the risk of having seizure on the people who have blood pressure, head injury or tumor in the brain. Check drug facts here.

Morphine Medication

Morphine Medication

Morphine Facts 7: form of morphine

Even though morphine has the original form in white and silky crystal, you can get it in the form of liquid, injection, tablet or even capsule. The type of morphine depends on the health condition of the patients.

Morphine Facts 8: effect of morphine

There are several effects of morphine that you have to know. Some of them include drowsiness, changes in the circulatory system, nausea, euphoria, and cough suppression.

Morphine Pills

Morphine Pills

Morphine Facts 9: the medical effects

The medical effects of morphine include pain relief, cough suppression, physical dependence, histamine release, slow breathing, euphoria of pleasant feeling, and anxiety relief.

Morphine Facts 10: recreational purposes

The main reason of morphine abuse lies on the recreational purpose. People can release the pain and anxiety at once. They also have the pleasurable feeling after taking the medicine.




The side effects of morphine include vomiting, sweating, nausea, constipation and dizziness. Do you want to comment on facts about morphine?

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